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Shut Up and Go To Sleep! This is the End!

You know, i've been always trying to bring this wiki to life. After i killed it once, i tried again, but i realised, this wiki has never lived. And Never will.This puts a perminent End to this wiki. The Gates are closing. I don't care in what state it's left, how messy it is. This wiki is dead. Thank you all for contributing, reading my very annoying threads and just being here. The Gates are being closed and will never open again. All the brightness of this wiki will be drained and it will never see daylight again.
Thank You All And Thank You AS for being here!
~Your Creator - Reo54~
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AS Has Frozen Over

Hello all wikians of AS. I have an Announcement to make. THIS WIKI HAS FROZEN OVER! Winter is here! and so is the ice and snow. It's time to get into your Winter jacket and put on your glows and hat.
Also, don't froget to sign up for the Idea Fest. Also with winter, the Frozen Awards are getting closer.
Winter is taking over!
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This Wiki has Died!

It's sad to announce this but, this wiki has officaly died. As you might have noticed, the Flaming Awards (hosted by Flame) did not happen in July. That was a sign of doom. If they would have happend, it would have only deleyed this. It's inescapable. The Great members of this wiki will get an award. Here is the list:

User: FlameStrike96
User: Reo 54
User: Party King
User: Echoson
User: SyncMaster940
User: Ahmad15
yes i decided to give the awards to Sync and Ahmad, becouse Sync was here even before he joinned the wiki as an user and Ahmad has latly been active here. I will give the awards out soon. I made this a thread becouse everyone who comes to the wiki could see it this way. I don't think there will be a Goodbye party, but i hope to see you all on an other wiki. I will leave the design, but i will update the main page. You guys can still come to this wiki and do some tests or just hangout, but you know, it's dead.
Over... and Out. ~Reo~ "Everything Comes with a price. Nothing is Free in this world." (talk) 12:12, August 17, 2014 (UTC)
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Guys i have a lot of news. 
1. AS will have roles for every charac ter here, but they will be played by out own actors. The Actors Can be found in the List of Actors page or in teh category: Actors. For now there are mostly Actors from Doctor What,  but there are some others. 
People, you must add actors to your series and or movies.
2. All series and Movies on this wiki run on the NAS Network,, which is our chanel. The chanel page will be made soon.
3. The Flaming Awards are comming in July and are hosted by Flame, so i havew nothing else to do with it.
4. The History book will be created soon, so if there are any events you would like to add to the book, say in the comments.
That's all! ~Reo~ "If you want justice, you've come to the wrong place." (talk) 14:08, June 19, 2014 (UTC)
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Admin Meeting and Stuff.

I have 2 things to tell you! 1st And Admin Meeting is coming. I know, kinda last minute and i know Idea Fest is tomorow, but we need one. It's happening in the abandoned wiki of Bakugasoia (BTFX) All admins must be there. Admins only!.
The second thing is that in june the 11th and 12th of June is the Darkness Fest.  It will be one for the whole week (9.06 - 15.06), but these two days are the offical celebrating days! All must have some dark avi's and ofcourse get your ideas for the Darkness in EnEiEs City. The offical movie of the Darkness Fest.
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Amm.. Read this!

SO as you can see The wiki has the new design and it's perminate. It will be only changed for some events (christmas, Awards, Idea Fest, etc.).
Alo the featured pages have been updated, so you can vote. You  can start to write any series as long as they're good. :) Oh and makes sense!
I Will update the admins at Chatmods. and remember to tell your friends about the wiki! :D threads have been updated and soon i will finnish posting The Frozen Awards.
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The Wiki Is Dying

I Call upon all of those who still visit the wiki. PLease, Don't let the Wiki Die! DOn't! Or else you will feel the wrath of Me And Speedair and it wont me good!
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This is a test meassege. Ingnore pls
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This post is locked.

Anyone Still Active?

If you still check this wiki and you're willing to contribute, then replay to thread and say I Am!
Why am i asking this? 1sti don't have a lot of time to write, so maybe someone could help me with ASH. 2nd We soon need to start writing the multi-co-writer series a.k.a. Project #2. 3rd november is in a half and we we have a month till Christmas, i know some of you think it's a lot, but we need a plan for ASC (Anything Something Christmas). 4th Featured Pages, Looks like there will be none featureds for December :/.
So guys, pls replay. Oh and if i have forgot something, then  remind me
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More Pages

Guys! we have only 34 pages on this wiki. that's bad. WE need more pages. we need more characters, more series, more everything! c'mon guys, i now we can do this!
Idea 1: Don't be afride to make test pages or if you have ideas for some other series episode, but there episode if far away and you don't wanna forget the idea, just write it here.
Idea 2: This is my fav. We all know Ben 10: Stupidy Force. Well my idea is to make a series like that (Not by the plot, not at all) with a lot of writters. My Plan was that we each write an episode that we choose when we can. Oh yeah, we need a plot
Idea 3: we make more Movies about Anything Something Wiki. In Anything Something Halloween
alredy we have some new places like the Anything Mannor. Well in teh Anything Something City, on the other side there is the Something castle. We could make movie about this subjuct
Okay guys Now Vote

1 - Reason
2 - Reason
3 - Reason
Greetings and bienvenue! (talk) 21:07, October 30, 2013 (UTC)
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Flacon Rage

Falcon Rage is Comming out great! here you can ask Questions and see the new Updates
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