Guys! we have only 34 pages on this wiki. that's bad. WE need more pages. we need more characters, more series, more everything! c'mon guys, i now we can do this!

Idea 1: Don't be afride to make test pages or if you have ideas for some other series episode, but there episode if far away and you don't wanna forget the idea, just write it here.

Idea 2: This is my fav. We all know Ben 10: Stupidy Force. Well my idea is to make a series like that (Not by the plot, not at all) with a lot of writters. My Plan was that we each write an episode that we choose when we can. Oh yeah, we need a plot

Idea 3: we make more Movies about Anything Something Wiki. In Anything Something Halloween alredy we have some new places like the Anything Mannor. Well in teh Anything Something City, on the other side there is the Something castle. We could make movie about this subjuct

Okay guys Now Vote

  • 1 - Reason
  • - Reason
  • 3 - Reason

Greetings and bienvenue! (talk) 21:07, October 30, 2013 (UTC)