A new Prototype is the 1st episode of Shun 10: Secrets.


Shun and Ren are at an old NSS lab. they are walking around with flashlights. Everything is messy and dirty.

Ren: looks like they left in a hurry!

Shun: no kidding. they probably grabbed the important things before they left.

Ren: Who knows, they might have missed something.

Shun flashes his flashlight over a big shiny case.

Shun: Like this?

Ren walks towards the case and attempts to open it. He than transforms into Ice Blade and cracks it open with his ice hand. he detransforms. The case opens revealing a watch. It resembles a blue AF omnitrix

Ren: no way. It's the Ultitrix. i thought it was at main base.

Shun: What is that?

Ren: an other prototype. One of Ace's.

Shun: Should i put it on.

Ren: Well you found the case!

Shun carefully takes out the watch and puts it on his left wrist.

Shun: You say it's Ace? Well, where's one of yours.

Ren: i guess mine are too good!

They both laugh. than Shun attempts to work the Ultitrix. He spijs the dial a bit and a hologram of feedback appears.

Shun: Wow, Who's this?

He smacks the dial and transforms

Feedback: Damn, this is amazing.

This is pretty much half way