A day in the life of a 12 yearold  is the 1st episode of Adventures of Deo

Adventures of Deo
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date TBA
Written by Flame
Directed by Flame
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Attack of the Burpers


We see Deo sleping. he gets up.

Deo: Good Morning-

He look out side and sees that it's Raining

Deo:i mean bad mor-

then Jack runs through the door.

Jack: hey Deo! Come test something for me!

He takes Deo by the head and they run away. we see the Lab. Jack and deo run in. Jack places Deo on a chair.

Jack: Just sit tight.

he pulls a lever. Deo gets electrocuted

Deo: did it work?

Jack: did it hurt?

Deo: Yes!

Jack: then yes!

Deo: what was the point of the experement again?

Jack: Does Electric shock helps people get up?!

Deo: Oh!

we see Deo at school. he sits in his chair. the bell rings. Mr. Nutter comes in

Mr. Nutter: Hello kids, Tody we will talk about. (jumps in the Air like crazy Simmilar to Mr. Crocker) ALIENS!

Deo (In his mind): Not again!

we see Deo walking in the hallway. Eric runs from the back

Eric: hey martini!

Deo: oh no

Deo starts running. eric starts to run faster with a fist in the air. later we see A trash can rolling towords Deo's house. Deo gets out of it. JAck runs out of the house and grabs him again. Puts him on the chair and pulls the lever. Deo gets electrocuted

Deo: what was that

Jack: that was my "Does Shock makes people feel better after a beat down " test

Deo: actualy i feel better!

Jack (to him self): Yes!

we see Dr. Burpnshtain in his tower. he is sitting my his computer.

Dr. Burpnshtain: yes my Bad wheater machines work! No one can stop me

We see Deo and JAck at the lab Looking at a big screan. on the screan we see General Greed

General Greed: as i was saying Soem evil Genius has made a wheater Machines and has made the Bad wheater

Deo: and we have to stop him and destroy those Machines

General Greed: Yes you do, Deo!

Deo: why me?

Jack: here are some guns you could use

he shows Deo 5 guns

Deo: Oh yeah.

Later we see Deo outside Dr. Burpnshtain's Tower. He goes in. he is sorounded by 3 flying robots. Deo takes ot his laser gun.

Deo: take that [shoots one robot] and that [shoots an other one] and that

he kicks one down and shoots it

Deo: Okay, why am i doing this again?




  • First ep yay!
  • I soled the writing version from Reo :P
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