Anything Something Heloween is the 2year Helloween special movie of Anything Something Wiki


Anything Something Helloween

Part 1: The Plan

In a Dark Room. A Kid puts up a Chest on the floor.  an other kid shuts in the flash light. now there are 6 kids in the room. The Kid that out the Chest down, puts a map on the chest and opens it.

Kid: So here's the plan. This year we go around the whole city.

He points to all the houses in the map.

Kid, holding the Flash light: Do you have the costumes, Reo?

Reo: sure!

HE takes the map off the chest and opens it.

Kid 3: Epic!

The kid trys to grab a costume, but Reo stops him.

Reo, i have a special one for you, Kasper

Kasper: Tnx.

Reo gets up and walks to the closet. He takes out a white blanket, with 3 holes in it and an other costume

Reo: Here!

He thrwos it to Kasper. He puts up the other costume hi self.

Reo: Ready

Others: Yeah!

Kid 4: Let's go!

Kid 5: Yeah, Kai!

Later they are outside Reo's house. Reo is in a Knight like suit with a Pumpkin on his head. Kid 2, also known as David, is wearing a Green zombie mask and Green colored skin with torned blue clothes. Kasper looks like a ghost. Kai looks he is on fire. Kid 5, or Bry, looks like a mummy. Kid 6, or Harry, has a black suit with a white skeleton all over it, or you can say he looks like a skeleton.

Harry: Let's go?

Bry: Yeah!

They all smile.

Part 2: The Hunt

We see The kids walking up the stairs of Reo's neighbor. they ring the door bell

Reo: Ready?

A Women opens the doors.

Kids: Trick or Threat!

The women walks in and comes out with a bowl of candy. she grabs some and puts a bit in everyones bags.

women: Have a happy halloween!

She closes the door. The kids walk down of the stairs

Harry: Where now?

Kai: Yeah?

Reo: Hmm..

An old janitor walks by

Janitor: what's Your plan this year, Reo

Reo: Oh hai, Frank

David: Our plan is to walk over all the town

Kai: and we wont go to sleep!

Frank: What ever you do, kids, do not go in to the Anything Mannor

Harry (To Bry): Who cares what he says, we will go all over the town, including there

Reo: Don't Wory, we wont.

Frank: Okay!

Later the kids are at an other house and ribng the door bell. a fat man opens the door

Kids: Trick or Threat!

Man: Ugh! 

He puts a candy in everyones bag

Man: Now get away!

They run away to the next house. They knock on the door. A woman opens the door.

Kids: Trick or Threat!

The women drops 2 candy bars in every bag.

Kids: Happy Halloween!

Frank: Remember, not to go to the Anything Mannor

David: Yeah, yeah!

They walk away

Part 3: The Anything Mannor

The kids are at yet an other house. A teenage kid is standing in the doors and gives the kids a little bag of canndy.

Boy: Here you go! Happy Halloween!

He closes the door.

Kai: where next?

Kasper: Look there!

He points at the Anything Mannor

Reo: *Glup* Amm.. Let's go?

Frank: rememeber, do not go to the Anything Mannor

Bry: Amm.. We wont.

Frank walks away. The kids go closer to the gates of the Anything Mannor. Kasper looks up. He looks at the window. Then Lighting strikes and he sees a mummy there

Kasper: Ahh!

Reo: What?

Kasper: Maybe we shouldn't go there?

Bry: C'mon, we said, All the houses

Kasper: I know, but i saw a mummy

Flame: There are no such things as mummys

Reo: Yeah!

Reo opens the gate and it squeaks.

Harry: Why does every scarry thing has to squek?

Kai: I know right!

They walk to the door

Reo: who knocks?

Bry: Kasper's turn

Kasper: amm..

Kasper knocks on the doors and it opens.

Kasper: Ahh!

Bry: Stop!

He opens the door even more and walks in

Bry: Anyone here?

An echo is heard

Bry: Come in!

everyone comes in too.

Bry: we should split up!

David: Yeah! Me, Kai and Reo will go up stairs.

Harry: I'll go right!

Bry: I'll go left. Kasper, stay here.

Kasper: O-Okay!

Bry goes left. he walks in to a living room. he sees a couch and he thinks someone is sitting on it

Bry: Guys, i think someone is allredy been here before us.

He walks to the couch and touches the peson. the person turns and growls. It's a Frankenstain

Bry: What the? Ahhh!!!!

It Skips to Harry, who walks in a kitchen. he sees a fridge amd it's opend. He hears bry's voice. he's saying that smeone has been here before them

Harry: Yeah!

he walks to the fringe and is about to close it, when he looks left and sees a warewolf comming towords him

Harry: Ahhh!

It cuts to up stairs. 

Reo: I'll go forword,david, you go Left, Kai, right.

David and Kai Nood. Reo goes forward. He walks in an atic

Reo: didn't see that comming

He sees a vampire looking out the window. he looks under him and sees a metal plate

Reo: Huh, it's just a statue

The vampire looks at him.

Reo: Ahhhh!

It cuts to david who walks in a bedroom. he sees a chair and someone is sitting in it. He walk ove rto the chair

David: Excuse me, are you the owner of the house?

He looks at the sitter and sees a skeleton

David: I mean, was!

The Skeleton: Boo!

David: Ahh!

It cust to Kai, who walks in to a ballroom

Kai: Nice!

He sees a guy in a knights suit and a pumpkin for a head dancng waltz.

Kai: Reo? What are you doing?

The music stops and the guy looks at Kai. 

Kai: Ahh!

It cuts to Kasper. He hears tyhe screams of  all his friends

Kasper: Guys?

Then they all start running to Kasper

Kasper: What's going on?

Others: Run!

The others run out and Kasper sees a Frankenstain, Werewolf, Vampire, Mummy, Ghost, Skeleton, Wich ,Zombie and a Headless Horse Man run after them

Kasper: Ahhh!!

Part 4: The Run

The kids are running to the gate. they run through and Bry closes it. The Monsters Get to the gate. they try to open it, but can't. Bry runs away

Bry: That should hold them for some time.

He runs away. Soon the monsters get out. The kids run passing all the houses. they see a garage. they get inside. Soon the monsters pas the garage. the warewolf stops and sniffs

Harry: We're doomed!

Reo: no!

the warewolf runs away

Bry: that was close!

Harry: You don't say!

Everyone looks at harry.

Harry: Why you all looking at me?

Reo: You are the problem solver!

Harry: Oh right! amm.. Run the iother direction

david: Will have to work for now! Let's Go!