Apocalypse Diary is a series by User:Reo 54.


On December 29, 2016, Earth got hit by a sort of nuclear bomb from outer space. The Bomb changed the lives of everyone and exposed humans to the inter-galactic wars and affairs. The Series follows the diary of a young man, named Kevin Smythe.



  • Kevin Smythe - Forrmer MIT student, who got affected by the bomb. He's also the writer of the diary.
  • Zack Tyler - Forrmer Soccer player for Scorpions SC. Also affected by the bomb.
  • Jack Miller - Commander of the North-East USA Plumber squadron. Not Affected
  • Aaron Blues - New Commander of East USA Plumber Squadron. Also affected by the bomb.
  • Renate Williams - Aaron's niece. Affection Unknown.
  • Jack Recew - General of the Venusian Army
  • Christie Martin - Wife of General Jack. Senator of Earth.
  • To Be Expanded


  • Bri'Dan - Senator of Jupiter
  • Shla'Dan - General of the Juvian Army. Brother of the Senator

To be expanded as the story continues.


Season 1Edit


  • The Character names were taken from other Reo 54 media.