Ben an Axel enter the Plumber base.

Ben: So what goes around?

Axel: well nothing much. The usual!

Ben: Ah!

Axel: What about you?

Ben: A lot, there is-

Max: Axel, Ben, come here! Quick!

They run to grandpa Max. they get in an elavator

End Scean

Axel: What is it, Grandpa?

Max: Someone has been stealing out tech.

Axel: What?

Ben: How much?

Max: All Level 5, some of Level 4, almost all of Level 6 a lot of Level 7 and some of Level 8.

Axel: Wait, Level 8? that's whewre i ceap my truck!

Ben: You have a truck? lucky!

the elavator opens and Axel runs out. he looks around ans sees a very good parking place in the corrner.

Axel: No! My truck! It's gone!

Ben: How do you think did this, Max?

Max: we have no clue.

Axel: Maybe it was Sunder, or Psyphon?

Ben: Sunder isn't that good, and Psyphon, don't get me even started!

Max: Ben's right, even know our dimensions Psyphon is pretty good!

Axel: Okay, then who!

Ben: Maybe we should go Clockwork?

Axel: You mean Timeswitch?

Ben: No i mena Clockwork!

Max: Stop it! we alredy tryed, nothing i sean, nowhere!

Ben: Hmm... is there a way to, you know, make like nothing can be seen?

Max: Yes, but that takes a lot of time.

Ben: like all night long?

Max: Possible!

Ben: than i think, we have a spy!

Axel: Who has spys these days anymore?

Ben: The Gre'all!

Axel: Right! Let's go!