• Reo 54

    An Announcement

    June 7, 2014 by Reo 54

    Hey guys! i have an Announcement to make, I have good an bad news.

    As of Zane's inactivness and the good news you will read below, i am forced to shut down TPOK for a while. Also I had to cancel all of the Reoverse movies, cuz of a lose of ideas. But there will be new movies!

    The Good news is, Falcon Rage is back, with a new sequal -  Falcon Rage 2: The Fake Falcons. So the plot. A Half Raven, Half Falcon has created artificial Falcons - Flamez, Stormz, Rockz and Wavez. they wre  made to replace the guardian Falcons. Well anyways, they can kill, so this movie will be darker. It has Returns for Falcon Rage

    Well i have an other Announcemen to have something to do with Reoverse. Reoverse has it's own actors, that of cours ei come up with!. Here …

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  • FlameStrike96

    Sync's Entry

    I will use this Idea Fest to tell about my new series - Vampires of Eneies City

    Eneies City is a peacful, but mistical place. It's just like any other city, so thought, but it chainged when the Three came. Three Best Friends and Brothers - Kevin, Kai and Mick. They are Vampires. They changed the lives of people in Eneies City.


    • Kyle Eies - HE is the oldest. Goes by the name Kyle Tyler
    • Kevin Eies - He is the middle one  of the three brothers. He goes b y the name Kevin Smith
    • Kai Eies - The youngest one of the brothers. Goes by the name Kai Jones
    • Alice Zwack - Kai's Love interest. SHe is involved with vampires.
    • Annie Veigel - Kevin's Love interest. She almost dies in Season 1.

    Well that's all you get to know about the charact…

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  • FlameStrike96

    OH YeAH! iT'S HERE. Due to the wiki's inactivness the Idea fest is now moved to the last month of the season. This seasoon i'm hosting it and you all can particapate.

    Okay, you all probably already know what the Idea fest is,but if someone doesn't i'll explain. The Idea Fest is  a fest where you have the ability to share your big ideas with the wiki. You can share your ideas for the wiki, for you futureplans,series etc. But rememeber to: Sign up for it, Finnish it till the right time, put at the end, and save youy submission in Special:MyPage/Idea Fest

    Here is the thread for discussions:

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  • Reo 54

    Power of Kizu Rebooted

    May 14, 2014 by Reo 54

    Do you remember Party King's old series Good V.S. Evil??? Well i just found it today and we talked and decided for a reboot. The Characters will be rearranged. The Name is now "The Power of Kizu" and the power of Kizu has a new ability

    • Fire 
    • Earth
    • Light
    • Wind
    • Water

    • Lighting
    • Metal
    • Darkness
    • Smoke
    • Ice

    All i can reveal to you right now is the new logo 

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  • Reo 54

    Frozen Awards 2014, Results

    January 31, 2014 by Reo 54

    The Frozen awards have ended and here are the results:

    • Best Series: Total Drama Food Fight
    • Longest Series: Total Drama Food Fight
    • Most Ineresting Seris: Mystery school
    • Most Faildest Series: Adventures of Deo

    • Best User: User: Reo 54
    • Nicest User: User: Reo 54
    • Most Creative User: User: Reo 54
    • Most Helpful User: User: Reo 54
    • Meanest User: User: FlameStrike96
    • Most Active User: User: Reo 54

    • Best Admin: User: Reo 54
    • Best Chatmod: User: Party King
    • Most Helpful Admin: User: Reo 54
    • Most Active Admin: User: Reo 54
    • Most Active Chatmod: User: Party King
    • Most Helpful Chatmod: User: Reo 54
    • Worst Admin: User: InsideSpace'sMind
    • Worst Chatmod: User: InsideSpace'sMind

    • Best Character: Kyre
    • Most Interesting Character: Black Knight
    • Most Creative Character: Kyre
    • Lamest Character: Dar…

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  • Reo 54

    Frozen Awards 2014 Voting

    January 18, 2014 by Reo 54

    Hello! I Just wanna say that voteing can begin!

    • Best Series: Total Drama Food Fight
    • Longest Series: Total Drama Food Fight
    • Most Ineresting Seris: Mystery school
    • Most Faildest Series: Adventures of Deo

    • Best User: User: Reo 54
    • Nicest User: User: Party King, User: Reo 54
    • Most Creative User: User: Reo 54
    • Most Helpful User: User: Reo 54
    • Meanest User: User: FlameStrike96
    • Most Active User: User: Reo 54

    • Best Admin: User: Reo 54
    • Best Chatmod: User: FlameStrike96, User: InsideSpace'sMind, User: Reo 54,User: Party King
    • Most Helpful Admin: User: Reo 54
    • Most Active Admin: User: Reo 54
    • Most Active Chatmod: User: Party King
    • Most Helpful Chatmod: User: FlameStrike96, User: InsideSpace'sMind, User: Reo 54,User: Party King
    • Worst Admin: User: InsideSpace'sMind
    • Worst Chatmod: …

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  • Reo 54

    Hello! this is the blog for nominations. You are avianle to Nominate till the 15th of January, if anything is nominated on the 16th it will still be counted. :)

    • Best Series:
    • Longest Series (lol):
    • Most Ineresting Seris:
    • Most Faildest Series:
    • ...

    Oh and if you see this sign "..." than that means you can put in a new topic.

    • Best User:
    • Nicest User:
    • Most Creative User:
    • Most Helpful User:
    • Meanest User:
    • Most Active User:
    • ...

    • Best Admin:
    • Best Chatmod:
    • Most Helpful Admin:
    • Most Active Admin:
    • Most Active Chatmod:
    • Most Helpful Chatmod:
    • Worst Admin:
    • Worst Chatmod:
    • ...

    • Best Character:
    • Most Interesting Character:
    • Most Creative Character:
    • Lamest Character:
    • Most Realistic Character:
    • Wierdest Character:
    • ...

    Oh and if there anren't any nominations i will put all of the pages aviable to b…

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  • Party King

    Good VS Evil

    December 26, 2013 by Party King

    Hey guys! i bring news! I have came up with a new series called Good V.S. Evil or G/E for short.

    What is it?

    it's a series where every character has a good and an evil side. they are opposit. If the good guy has fire powers, the evil one has water powers etc. there are these magical orbs, who give the powers to the characters. they fight over them. these orb are formed from energy called Kizu (Credits to Lego)

    The Heroes and teh Villaisn have different attacks. the attacks are split in to 6 colors - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple. there's the total of 8 colors, but Black and white are realy rare. the white is used by the heroes, but the black by the villains.

    They characters have many attacks and stuff. i inspired from Redakai and…

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  • Reo 54

    Flame's Entry

    Idea 1: AS History Book

    i know maybe now it would be a bit too late to make it, but we can still find all the dates.

    it would have all the biggest events on AS What do you say?

    Idea 2: More Users

    All of us (Except Sync) are on BTFF, so maybe we should ask our friends to join?

    then we would have more users here!

    What do you say?

    We should make our own series. I have seen Zane's series, they are easy to write, so we could make series like that.

    Well for my 1st entry that is all! Thank you!


    Zane's Entry

    My firts Idea is to make characters. idk about what but we need them

    Pictures! We need pictures. a Lot of pictures. We could also make Gallery pages

    Roles! Each user on this wiki has roles. we are like actors.  we would have tables on …

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  • Reo 54

    Winter Idea Fest 2013 Sign ups

    November 20, 2013 by Reo 54

    Okay guys! Winter Idea Fest is December 3, you need to start making your submissions. They will we accepted till December 2, so get ready

    I alredy told you what you have to doo, but rememeber to put  at the very end of the submission. The submission should be posted at Special:MyPage/Idea Fest,

    • Flame

    So are you readY?

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  • Reo 54

    Greetings and bienvenue, Users. I Bring you News

    To Celebrite this years Halloween i, Reo 54, am making a special Movie starting us, the users of AS. It's Simple. we each go on a Candy hunt only to end up being hunted by the Halloween monsters

    Wanna be in? Sign up in the Comments. Remember to tell your friends.

    YOU CAN ENTER ONLY TILL 30.10.2013

    • User: Reo 54 as Richard - Richard is a 12yearold kid, with many skills
    • User: SyncMaster as Kasper - Kasper is a 12yearold kid, who has a big fantasion. His a great artist and real smart.
    • User: FlameStrike96 as David - David is a joyful and a crazy 13yearold boy
    • User: Party King as Kai - Kai is a 12yearold boy. He's Kinda funny but serious
    • User: Bryw…

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  • FlameStrike96


    August 3, 2013 by FlameStrike96

    Hello! Flame here. Me and Flame Taked that some Admins will be Demoted if there are any to demote, But all chatmods stay, unless they don't edit this wikia at all. So here it is....

    • Reo
    • Flame
    • ISM
    • Bry (A chatmod)

    • Lego
    • Echo

    • ISM (Is a Chatmod too)

    As Reo said, if Echo or Lego, or Bry start to edit this wikia they will be Promoted

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  • Reo 54


    August 3, 2013 by Reo 54

    Hello People! I have seen there are only 3 series on the wikia and 1 is canceled, 1 has an unfinnished page and 1 (the one i'm Proud of) is Proggressing. 

    Cmon People Creat new series here. they don't have to be long, 1 season will do. so even a Miniseries will do. And the series doesn't have to be Mainly on this wiki, it can be on other wikis too. i know there isn't a lot of us here, but lets give it a try!

    Who's With me? Let's Go!

    I means you reader.

    • Deo 12: Rebooted
    • Scooby Doo: Mystery Monsters
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