The Not So Bloody Bloodbath is the 1st episode of Total Drama: Hunger Games.


The Episode starts in a studio. Chris is there.

Chris: Hello, and welcome to Total Drama: hunger Games. Here we have 24 random contestants from my old Total Drama series and they are battling it out in an arena, cool, huh? Anyways, Only one can survive. I've set a few traps for them on the field there. May the best looser win!

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As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds. Beth runs towards the cornucopia and starts gathering as much food as she can. Right next to her is Trent and Suger, who decide to run away from the Cornucopia in different directions. Meanwhile Lighting is running towards a basket of bread, but Sam breaks his nose and takes the busket running away. 

Lighting: Curse you, Sam! I'm gonna get you!

On the other side, Izzy scares Brick away from the cornucpoia, whoc catcehs up with Jo. Both Brick and Jo run away. They pass Dave on their way, who snatches a sais from the cornucpoia and runs away. He's followed by Harold, who Dave passed on the way. Than Cameron sneaks up on Anne Maria, who has found something shine, and kills her with a Hatchet. Than the Screen freezes and Chris pops up from the side.

Chris: WHo would have thought Bubble Boy has it in him to kill?

The screen unfreezes and the action continues. Near Cameron Geoff, Staci and Tyler get scared of him and Run away from the cornucopia. Zoey on the other hand goes head in and retrives a trident from it. She than runs away and joins up with Jasmine, while Justin runs and hides inside the Cornucopia to gather rescourses. He's followed by Max, who finds a bag of Explosives.

Max: ooo! This will come in handy!

He gats passed by Sierra, who grabs a spear and runs away following Dawn and Noah. Than not so far away, Bridgette and Amy start fighting over a bag.

Amy: Let go! It's mine!

Brigette: No! It's mine!

Amy: I found it first!

The strap Bridgette wa sholding on tears off and she falls down. But she quickly gets up and runs away. So does Amy with her Bag. Soon, Justion comes out and gathers rescources and than leaves the cornucopia.

​End Scene

​Start Scene

Later that day. Jo wanders upon Lighting and lightin strts chasing her down. She runs a trips on a rock fallimg down and spraining her ankle. Lighting laughs and runs away. Meanwhile somewhere in the woods. Sugar makes a slingshot

Sugar: Wow, this will come in handy. Now to find some ammo!

Than somewhere else Max is sneaking up on Geoff, while he is working on some kind of weapon. Max gets to Geoff's Stuff and steals something, than quickly runs away. Somewhere else Sam and Bath are talking

Beth: I saw we should start an alliance. atleast for now.

Sam: yeah. We're not the strogest members in this arena and having someone to cover your back would be great

Izzy is hiding in the bushes and listening to them.

Beth: Yes, sounds good. I think we should go towards east.

Sam: Yes, sounds like a good idea.

They go towards the east. Uzzy is hiding ion the bushes and smiles. On the other side of the arena, Jasmine is running around trying to get as far as she can from the cornucopia. Than she notices smoke in the distance

Jasmine: That's odd. Who would start a fire right now? What if it's a trap? 

She decides not to investigate and goes left, away from the smoke. Not far from Jasmine on the right somewhere Dave recives medicle suplies from an unknown sponsor.

Dave: Wow! This will come in handy soon.

Meanwhile in the distance, Noah and Bridgette are talking

Noah: Look. How about the both uf us team up.

Bridgette: So you could kill me while i sleep? No thanks! Noah: We're both from the original cast.

Bridgette: I'm teaming up with Geoff

Noah: I doubt you will make it to him.

Bridgette: Let's go each our own seperate ways and never meet again

Noah: Fine!

They turn around and each walk their seperate ways. Dawn overhears them both and decides to follow Noah. Somewhere elese in the arena, Staci finds some berries

Staci: Oh! Berries!

She leans into the bush to get them, but is pricked by thorns. Somewhere far away, Brick is walking around with a spear. 

Brick: Come here, little animals. Come to Brick!

Meanwhile back at Brick's camp. Amy, Sierra, Zoey and Cameron are sneaking in.

Amy: He's gone! Let's go

Sierra charges in yelling

Cameron: Shut up, Sierra. He might not be that far away and he could hear us.

Amy: Don't be so afraid, or we'll ditch you.

Cameron: Don't forget, i killed Anne Marie.

Amy: no way could you do that to me.

They sneak in the camp and grab as much supplies as they can. than they leave. Than harold is seen walking around. He walks out of the forest and sees a river in front of him. He rushes down to it and drinks some water.

Harold: WATER!

Meanwhile Tyler and Trent are hunting for other tributes with their weapons.

Tyler: Where is everyone?

Trent: I guess they are all running around somewhere. The Arena is big, man!

Tyler: Yeah! We'll run into some one sooner or later.

Now back not far from Jasmine was Justin, who also notices the smoke in the distance, but alos decides not to investigate. The Screen freezes and Chris pops up.

Chris: Talk about a bummer. It was a awesome trap! Oh well.

Chris disappears and the screen unfreezes

End Scene

Start scene

Later that evening. One cannon shot can be heard in the distance. It was for Anne Maria. It soon turns to night in the arena. Sugar can be seen climbing a tree to rest. While not that far away, Izzy is already sleeping, but gets awoken by nightmares

Izzy: Ahh! 

She lays down agaion and tries to sleep, but can't. meanwhile Noah recives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

Noah: Oh this is great! Bridgette will wish she accepted that alliance!

He smiles. Than somewhere else in the woods Bridgette, Harold and Dawn get into a fight, but bridgette kills them both. Somewhere else Zoey sneak attacks Brick and kills him and takes his supplies. On the otherside Tyler and Trent are sitting by a fire.

Tyler: I heard only one cannon. That means 23 still remain.

Trent: I bet a few will die tonight.

Tyler: Who?

Trent: I have no idea.

Meanwhile somewhere else in the Arena, Staci, Lighting, Amy, Justin and Jasmine sleep in shifts. Lighting is the one currently awake. He jawns. than somewhere else Jo and Beth run into each other

Jo: Oh, Hello!

Beth: DOn't kill me!

Jo: Chill, i won't

Beth: How about we just decide a truce for the night

Jo: yeah. That sounds good.

Somewhere in the arena is Sierra, who's trying to sing herself to sleep.

Sierra: Oh Cody, i can't wait to see you again...

Meanwhile somewhere in the woods an other allinece is sleeping. Dave, Max, Sam And Geoff are all sleeping in shifts with Geoff being the one awake. And than all alone in the woods is Cameron, who is tendding to his wounds.

​End Scene

Start Scene

In the studio from the start, Chris is once again standing.

Chris: There you go. That's Day and Night 1 of Total Drama hunger games. Tune in nexy time for more action.

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Cast .Edit

  • Chris

District 1Edit

  • Max
  • Anne Maria

District 2Edit

  • Brick
  • Jo

District 3Edit

  • Noah
  • Zoey

District 4Edit

  • Sam
  • Izzy

District 5Edit

  • Tyler
  • Sierra

District 6Edit

  • Geoff
  • Sugar

District 7Edit

  • Trent
  • Dawn

District 8Edit

  • Dave
  • Beth

District 9Edit

  • Justin
  • Jasmine

District 10Edit

  • Lighting
  • Amy

District 11Edit

  • Cameron
  • Staci

District 12Edit

  • Harold
  • Bridgette