This is the idea page for Deep-Freeze.

  • Andrew Ria awakes in some lab.
  • He brakes free of his straps and attempts to look for the exit.
  • The dcotors try to calm him down, but he escapes. \
  • While running trough the corridors, he encounters a guard.
  • The guard shoots at him.
  • Trying to protect the vital organs, he tries to block the shot with his hand and triggers his ice powers freezing the guard.
  • He continues running.
  • After escaping the lab, he finds himself in snouwy mountains.
  • He is on the run from the soldiers
  • He runs into a pack of hunters who misstook him for a bear at first.
  • He says he was started here after his helicopter crashed. The hunters offer to give Andrew a ride back to the city.
  • The hunters throw him out after being attacked by the soldiers
  • Andrew is now left alone on the road with no idea where he is.
  • He runs towards what he thinks is a city.
  • he manages to get to a quite big city.
  • He goes to the reaserc lab in the city to get checked about his powers.
  • There he meets Linda.
  • Linda agrees to help Andrew