Diamondhead: The First Hero is the first Episode of Omni-Legends.

All ideas can be found at Diamondhead: The First Hero/Ideas.

The PlotEdit

Part 1Edit

Everything os completely black. Then a voice can be heared.

Voice: Wake up, Sleepy head!

a view from Diamondhead's eyes is given as he gets up to Four Arms standing in the door aile with all his hands crossed.

Four Arms: Get up, We got a new assignement.

Diamondhead gets out of his bed. His well trained body can be seen. He Opens the closet and takes out something resembling his OS uniform. The Camera turns to Four Arms.

Four Arms: That old thing? We need to get you a new uniform!

Diamondhead: Agency issued!

Four Arms: Yeah Right!

Diamondhead walks up to Four Arms in his OS suit ready to go.

Diamondhead: Any Idea what this new job is?

Both of them exit the room.

Four Arms: Nope!

The Door closes and the screen turns black. the scene cuts to walking trough the hallway towards a big door. 2 Ditto guards are standing on each side of the door.

Four Arms: Yo! Let us in. We were called.

The Ditto on the right presses some buttons on the keypad and the door opens. Both Four Arms and Diamondhead walk in. The Door closes after them. They are Greeted by Gery Matter in a suit simmilar to that of Azmuth's from Secret of the omnitrix, except with no top. Grey Matter is sitting inside.

Grey Matter: Greetings, Gentlemen!

Diamondhead: Good to see you again!

Four Arms: So what seems to be the promblem?

Grey Matter walks over to a set of computers. Four Arms and Diamondhead follow.

Grey Matter: Recently someone has been draining the City's power. i've finnaly located the person responisible. He's a Young Alien named Feedback. He's been around since Year 11, but he was badly injured in the Mechamorph incident. I think he might be corrupted.

Diamondhead: So we're dealing with a corruption.

Four Arms: Might be dealing with a corruption.

Diamondhead: Yeah. What are his powers, except draining energy?

Grey Matter: Well he can redirect it back. he also seems to be quite agile. Be careful!

Four Arms: Aren't we always.

Diamondhead: Where is this guy?

Grey Matter: The sewers underneath the Power Station.

Four Arms: Great. Sewers!

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