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  • Diamondhead and Four Arms are partners
  • Four Arms dies at some point
  • They Battle against Feedback
  • All Events happen in Year 12
  • In the end the whole world is frozen untill Year 15

Part 1Edit

  • Four Arms wakes up Diamondhead
  • They go to see Azmuth
  • Azmuth expalins what the assignment is

Part 2Edit

  • The Duo go to the sewers underneath the power station
  • They ancounter feedback and battle him.
  • Four Arms get's knocked unconcious and Feedback gets away.

Part 3Edit

  • Four Arms recovers back is his room at the agency.
  • Azmuth locates Feedback, once again feeding.
  • Diamodnhead and Four Arms have a talk while on the way.

Part 4Edit

  • The duo encounter Feedback at the city core.
  • They battle
  • Four Arms starts to absorb the electricity and slowly starts to die.
  • Diamondhead strikes a crystal blade trough Feedback, killing him.
  • Diamondhead then gets frozen
  • Azmuth's voice can be heared.

Part 5Edit

  • Diamondhead awakens in the present.
  • The Assembler enters his room in a cloak not revealing any part of his body. He explains the situation.
  • Diamondhead runs out on the street to see the world completly changed.
  • Diamondhead declines the offer and runs off.