This is the idea page for Diamondhead 3: The Crystal Warrior.

  • Four Arms is the crystal Warrior.
  • He was mutated after the events of The First Hero.
  • He was mutated by Grey Matter using Diamondhead's DNA.
  • The actual goal was to create a fake diamondhead that would replace the original while the original was frozen and waiting to be defrosted in YEar 15.
  • The reason the mutation failed was because the Omnitrix couldn't have 2 identicle DNA samples inside at the same time.
  • Four Arms has lost his memory
  • Diamondhead dies at the end and Chromostone takes his place
  • Chromostone rises from the ashes of Diamondhead.
  • Diamondhead is shatered by Echo Echo after Diamondhead loses his mind.