They are unique benders that have special subskills almost never seen in the series.


  • Skyler: Combative Airbender (Ahmad)
    • Soundbender
    • Breathbender
    • Ignitionbender (surrounding a target with oxygen then igniting)
    • Freezebender (summoning liquid nitrogen from the air)
  • Naveen: Bloodbender (Reo)
    • Blood Manipulation (stripping them from corpses, enemies or even himself)
      • Blood Whip
      • Blood Bombs
    • Zombies (controlling dead men's corpses)
    • Healing (technically controlling the blood vessels to stop bleeding and accelerate healing)
    • Bending Removalg
  • Charlie: Spiritual Airbender (Charbel)
    • Spirit Projection (purple)
    • Spiritual Energy Blast (accompanied by spiraling of air around it)
    • Illusions: by controlling color gases and changing them to make false images, and/or turn invisible.
      • Illusionary Clones: running around in high speed and leaving false images of himself by using illusions.
    • Smokebending
      • Spiritual Convertion
      • Somescreen creation
      • Mist screen

To Be CompletedEdit

  • Austen: Earthbender (Oussama)
  • And feel free to sign up for this!

Potential Ideas for the InterestedEdit

  • Robotic Creature
    • Metalbender, that summons octopus-like metal tentacles, and has a thick metal armor around him. He can summon electricity, and fire it out as blasts, or electrocute his tentacles in the form of Electric Whips.
  • Freeze Creature
    • Waterbender, that pulls out water from water vapor, and has his entire body coated in ice. His attacks involve the mist covering his body, and the frost he uses from his body in the form of attacks, like ice lances, ice bombs, and freeze rays and freezing hail.
  • Black Hellfirebender
    • Black Fire
    • Fiery Forms (summoning a dark hellfire bodies:)
      • Dark Phoenix (hawk)
      • Blazing Wolf (wolf)
      • Fiery Punch (four armed creature)
      • Lava Shark (shark-like body)