Entry 001: The New World is the first episode of Apocalypse Diary.


Kevin Smythe introduces himself after waking up an unknown amount of time after the blast. He tells briwfly about what has happend since he woke up untill finding this blank book. Onwards he starts looking for other things inside the house he's in.

Entry 001:Edit

2016 was a crazy year. I thought 2017 would be calmer and better, but i was wrong. Oh how wromg i was. On DATE a Meteor hit Earth. I was out going for lunch. Wanted to meet up with my "girlfriend", and then out of nowhere a shockwave hits. It hit me down. I looked up and saw a massive explosion somewhere in the distance. I fell unconcious.


I woke up a few hours ago. My watch is broken. I have no idea what day it is. I haven't seen anyone around. I got into this one house. It belongs to a familly i used to know. I foudn this blank book. It was a christmas present for their son - Steve. I figured writing things down is better than talking to my self. Here's a brief summary of what happend before i found this book:

I Woke up in the middle of the street. My glasses were shatered to pices and so was my watch. I got up, took out my phone. Battery dead. I started walking. My leg hurts super hard. The Buildings around me were damaged. Cars were crashed into each other. I Saw people dead inside those cars and on the sidewalks. Shocked and terrified i made my way to a familiar area. Got to my friends house. The Doors were locked. I saw the other houses had smashed windows and broekn gates. I busted the door, it wasn't hard. I called for the names of the familly that used to live there. No response. I Made my way to the kitchen where i found some food and water. I wandered into the kid's room. It was a mess. On the desk was a book. A diary type of book. I took it.

I'm still in the kids room writing this. I probably should go around looking for some better clothes and other sorts of stuff. I'll catch you up with what i find.


I wandered around the house for hours. Atleast it felt that way. I managed to find a first aid kit in a cubboard in the corridor. I also found a good looking pair of pants. They actually fit me. I also found a comfy t-shirt lying around and a jacket that fits me in the kid's room. I took a knife from the kitchen and made my way down into the basment. I wa sfreaked by a rat.Thankfully no one was there. I picked up an old baseball Bat and i grabbed the axe just incase.

Now i'm in the kids room again. I still don't have a lightsource and it's getting dark. I guess i'll try sleeping. I'll sleep with the bat.


I woke up in the middle of the night, or something like that. I heard noises. i grabbed on ti the bat and the knife. I stopped bearthing. After a bit, I got out of bed. I look out the window. I saw a light flickering on the street. I stood still. I know i wanted to find people, but not just any kind of people, and definetly not the kind of people that wander at night. The flickering light went on forwards down the street and i managed to fall back to sleep.

Waking up was easy. A little bit schocked ater the nights events, I carfully wandered towards the kitchen with my knife and bat in my hands. Nobody was there. There was a gas stove and i was able to heat up somewater and make myself some coffee. I found macaroni in a cupboard. I mad ethat for lunch.

Now i'm resting a little before going out. I know it's gonna get dark, but i can't stay here for long. Gonna go grab some food now and then move.


I went out of the house with the same tools as before and a backpack on my back. I walked around looking at the distruction all around me. It must have been the shockwave. I got to a crossroads, when suddenly an explsoion happend behind me. I looked back. It was the house i had been in. It was in flames. Did i forget to turn the stove off? or was it something else?