Falcon Rage is a movie created by User: Reo 54

Falcon Rage
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Original broadcast Unknwon
Type Action/Adventure
Country United States
Network Cartoon Network
Creator(s) User: Reo 54
Written by User: Reo 54
Directed by User: Reo 54
Starring Unknown
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We see an Arena. Two falcons come out of from two sides. We see a close up to the fire Falcon, then a close up to the water falcon

The Fire Falcon: Want to see something Unseen before?

The Water falcon: What? Will I see you lose?

The Fire Falcon: No, this! Unleash the powers of Fire!

We see him transforming in to a Guardian Falcon. Now we know it's Kyre

Kyre: not every one has this kinda powers

Water falcon: Only Fire

Kyre: Earth

Water falcon: Wind and (Smiles) Water

We see him transforming in to Guardian Falcon. We Know it's Leoter

Leoter: Ha!

Kyre: You?! You are...

Leoter: ...The guardian Falcon of water? Yeah!

the screan splits in to two, one showing kyre's face and the other leoter's face

Leoter: Cunami Strike!

he unleahes a powerfull cunami.

Kyre: Fire Tornado!

The cunami and the tornade turn in to smoke when they reach each other

Leoter: Water splash, Ice Braker, Wave Splasher, Ice Splasher!!!!!

He Unleashes 4 powerfull attacks on Kyre. Kyre is shocked

Kyre: Fire Fusion?!

Kyre gets Knocked down and Detransforms. Some Other Falcons Land down.

Rollder: Stand down, Water Guardian!

Leoter Looks at them, then at Kyre. He strikes an other Water splash at Kyre

Rollder: I said Stand down!

Leoter try's to fly away. Rollder shoots him.

Rollder. You take him, boys, i'l take care of that other falcon.

Rollder goes closer to Kyre

Rollder: Hey, Budy? You ok??

Kyre wakes up

Kyre (Suprised): Huh??

Rollder: That water Falcon hited you Pretty hard

Kyre: Yeah he did

Rollder helps Kyre get up

Rollder: Let me take you to a Healer

Kyre: Yes

After some time thay have almost Goten to the healer, whena Vind Guardian flys abow them

Rollder: Ahh! A Vind Guardian?!

Kyre: I'll Get him

He Flys after Richind. Richind increases his speed. Kyre Transforms In to a Guardian

Kyre: Haa!

Rollder (Shocked): His a Guardian Too?!

Rollder Flys after them. Kyre sees Rollder after him and Detransforms and falls on to Richind

Richind: Hey!

They both hit the ground and Richind Detransforms. Rollder lads down

Rollder: Looks like i have my self Three Guardian Falcons to Kill!

Kyre and Richind: Kill??

The Screan turns black. The Screan Turns Colorfull again wee see Richind and Kyre on the Ground

Kyre and Richind: Kill??

Rollder: Yes!

Now we see them Tied up to poles.

Leoter: this can't get any worse

Kyer and Richind: Never say that out loud

The Other Falcons Burns the Poles (Yes Burn from the under, The Guys are very High, standing on Platforms

Leoter: And now they will Gibbet us

Kyre: Bye guys!

The falcon with a black pask pulls a lever and the falcon's fall from the Platforms and almost get Gibbet, when they are saved by Zyrth

Zyrth: hai guys i'm Zyrth.

The falcon's from down: hey look it's an othe rGuardien Falcon! Get them!

Everyone runs to Prepere, some that are ready already fly after them. we see 3 falcon's Flying after the 4 one of them is Rollder

Rollder (to the other 2): we must kill them

The other 2: Yes, Sir!

They each turn Different Directions

Rollder (To himself): i willl get you Guardian Falcons!

He flys faster. now we see the 4

Zyrth: any ideas?

Richind: Only one! Twist Storm!

He shoots a Tornado like storm. the other falcons Exept Rollder get Blown away.

Leoter: why didn't he get blown away? Or right, his a Vind falcon

Richind: Actualy, his an Earth falcon!

Leoter: Realy?

Zyrth: Kyre!

Kyre: Ready! 

Kyre and Zyrth: Dragon Quake!

The Mountain Near them Shakes and Fire Is shooting Closer to it. The Fire opens a cave the 4 fly in and The moutain stops Shaking and the fire dissappears.

Leoter: good idea.

Kyre: we iprovised

Zyrth: What do we do now? we can't hide here for ever

Then Richind Floats in to Air. a green Aoura Glows around him.

Leoter: what?

Kyre: Shut up, his Meditating!

Zyrth: How do you know?

Kyre: cuz i do it my self

Then Kyre Floats in to air. A Red aoura Glows around him. then the Cave Shakes

Leoter: they are here, they found us

Kyre and Richind stop Meditating

Zyrth, Kyre and Richind: Tell me something i don't know!

Kyre: Zyrth, can you Dig a Tunel to the End of the Mountain?

Zyrth: yeah i can!

Kyre: then do it!

Zyrth starts to Dig

Leoter: what do we do?

Richind: we Hold them off

Leoter shoots water Blasts at the Door of the cave

Richind: Leo, that will only Help them

Leoter: Sorry!

Zyrth jumps out of the Hole

Zyrth: done!

Kyre: nice

Richind: lets go!

They all jump in to the Hole. Zyrth closes the hole after them. we see a hole on the other side of the Mountain. the 4 fly out.

Zyrth: that was good

Kyre: Yeah

Leoter: so what now?

After a while. at night.

We see the 4 Sitting by a Camp Fire with an other Falcon, he seems old.

Kyre: Tnx for the Tea

Old Falcon: My Plesure

Richind: it's nice of you to help us Mr. Olack

Mr. Olack: Call me Jack, kids

Leoter: Okay, Jack! Could i get some more tea?

Jack pours some tea for Leoter. then 5 Falcons charge from the sky!

Rollder: Darkness Rummble!

Falcon 2: Aqua Blaze!

Falcon 3: Fire Tornado!

The 4 get shocked. 

Olack: Seismic Aqua! Water Fall strike!

Kyre (To richind): have't seen that powerfull attacks in my life.

Richind (To Kyre): Me Too.

Olack's Attacks blast the 5 away.

Olack: you better go, now!

they walk away. Richind turns around

Richind: Thank you!

Olack smilles and Richind turns around, and walks away. we see Rollder and the other 4 falcons. Flagor appears out of Flames.

Rollder: master Flagor!?

Flagor: you 5 Failed so i will finnish them.

Falcon 4: But sir, They had an Ally.

Falcon 5: yes! an Old water falcon.

Flagor: an Ally, an Old water Falcon here?! 

He smilles.

Flagor: go back to the base. i'l take care of an old friend

the 5 nood and fly away. we see jack Sitting down. then Flagor appears

Olack: Flagor!?

Flagor: hello Old friend. 

Olack: Cunami Burst!

The move doesn't afect him. He walks towords Olack. Then we see the 4 running in the woods.

Zyrth: where now?

Richind: i'm not sure.

they ceap running, then Flagor Appears in front of them. they stop.

Kyre: Flagor!?

Flagor: Kyre!?

Zyrth: You guys now each other

Flagor and Kyre: We used to be "friends"

Leoter: oh!

Flagor: But Now i'm gona destroy you all!

He shoots fire at them

Kyre: Fire Fusion!

Flames Go upon all the screan. Then we see The 4 in a lame shild made by Kyre. But Flagor activetes a trap. wee see the 4 captured. they are tied up.

Kyre: what do you want

Flagor: your Guardian Falcons, so meybe the powers

Kyre:You can't absorb our powers your self

Flagor: That's why i brought a friend to do it.

Kyre: Gulp

Flagor: Come in Pls!

A Falcon comes in. the 4 is shocked. we see the falcon from Legs to head. he's revealed to be all White

Richind: Jaind!?

Jaind: Richind! How nice to see you!

Flagor: Absorb them! Now!

Jaind: you know i'll get the powers first

Kyre: Not gona Happen!

He brakes free

Flagor: Do it Now!!!!!

Jaind: Okey

he starts to absorb Richind. His body becomes just like richind's, when Kyre, who's in Guardian Forms shoots A fire tornado at him. He also releases the other 3.

Richind: Unleash the powers of the Vind

Leoter: Unleash the powers of the Water

Zyrth: Unleash the powers of the Earth

They all transform

Flagor: Uh! If you want something done right, you have to do it your self

Kyre: You guys Ready?

The other 3 nood

Flagor: Darknesse Flame!

He shoots Dark Flames at The 4. All the Screan is Full of the Flames. we see Flagor standing, but the 4 falled on the ground, Back to their normal forms.there are flames everywhere. Kyre wakes up

Kyre: where did he get that kinda an attack?

The others wake up

Richind: i have no idea.

Zyrth: let's try the fusion move

Leoter: but we aret in Our Guardinan forms

Kyre: Let's do it, it will work

Flagor sees thet they are awake

Flagor: so you survived?!

Kyre: Yes! well, Hope this works

Kyre/Zyrth/Leoter/Richind: Take this! Dragon Vind Cunami Quake!!!

Blast in the Colors of Red, Yellow, Blue and Green fires at Flagor

Flagor: A 4 Fusion blast of all the elemts? Inpossible

The blast hits Flagor and the screan turns white. we see the 4 standing. a Vind falcon come closer

Vind Falcon: You have done it! You have destroyed Flagor!

Other Falcons are shown Chearing for them.

Kyre: So now they love us!

Zyrth: Guess so!

Leoter: This is Awesome

Richind: It sure is

The 4 Fly away

Kyre/Leoter/Richind/Zyrth: Yeah!





  • This is the first appearaance of the Elemental Guardians (Guardian falcons)
  • a Sequal wa splanned for the movie, but both have been cancelled
    • The Names of the 2 planned sequals were Falcon Rage 2: Rise of the Ravens and Falcon rgae 2: Fake Falcons
  • This is twas once the 1st movie of Reoverse, but was removed from it when Reoverse was rebooted
This Movie has won a Frozen Award for Best Movie, Most Creative Movie, Longest Movie and Most Interesting Movie. Congrats!