This is the 1st Episode of Final Showdown


Ren (Goop): Yes.

Dimensiono teleports Ren away

Megahex blasts Ren and Reo

Dimensiono creates an other portal

Dimensiono gets hit

Dimensiono: Ren, Final Blast at the 2nd portal

Megahex gains knowlege of Dimensionno's power

Megahex: Interesting

Dimensiono glows, transforming into Gravattack, posing.

Megahex starts to absorb all of the planets in our solar system



Ren (Portaler): Wait wut

Megahex: ONCE

Megahex: D FOR ALL

Megahex: *FOR

Gravattack lifts Megahex in the air

Megahex glows, transforming into Ultra Megahex, posing.

Gravattack: Blast the portal

Ultra Megahex: Hmmm

Ultra Megahex: What are you planning on?

Gravattack is still holding megahex

Ren (Portaler): With what?

Ultra Megahex tries to blast Gravattack but misses

Gravattack: Just do it!

Ren (Unitaur) blasts orange balls at Megahex

Ultra Megahex: Are you planning on destroying the Megahex system?

Ultra Megahex: Impossible!

Ultra Megahex: GAHHHHHHH

Ultra Megahex is hurt

Ultra Megahex: Fine then

Gravattack: Blast the portal

Ultra Megahex starts to create Yopo

Yopo (Spidermonkey): Hello old friends

Gravattack lifts Megahex into the air

Yopo (Spidermonkey) glows, transforming into Dark Yopo, posing.

Gravattack: Oh no

Dark Yopo: Become apart of Megahex!

Ren (Portaler): Oh no

Dark Yopo kicks Gravattack

Dark Yopo: Megahex is wonderful!


Gravattack glows, transforming into Lizardo, posing.

Lizardo: I Bet ya it is

Ren (Whampire) spits Corruptura

Dark Yopo glows, transforming into Dark Yopo (Fasttrack), posing.

Dark Yopo (Fasttrack) slams Ren

Ultra Megahex: Let them know how wonderful the Megahex system is!

Ultra Megahex: I shall make them apart of me!

Lizardo goes towards Megahex

Ren (Fasttrack) sees Reo and Ultra Megahex moving in slow motion

Ultra Megahex starts to absorb Reo's powers

Ren (Fasttrack): Guess it's just us?

Dark Yopo (Fasttrack): I guess so!

Ren (Fasttrack): "Old friend"

Lizardo jumps on Megahex and Starts punching him

Dark Yopo (Fasttrack) runs around Ren

Ultra Megahex: Die already

Lizardo: Gues What Megahex, Lizardo has no power to absorb

Ren (Fasttrack) punches Yopo in his tracks as Megahex monologues in slow motion

Lizardo: ?me keeps punching Megahex

Dark Yopo (Fasttrack): GAHHHH

Lizardo keeps punching megahex

Ren (Fasttrack) walks over and punches Megahex normally, which translate into vibration punches in regular motion

Ultra Megahex: Fine then

Lizardo: OOC: Is Megahex made out of metal?

Ultra Megahex: I shall make you my minion like Yopo!

Ren (Fasttrack) pushes Megahex over

Ultra Megahex begins currupts Reo

Ultra Megahex: GAHHH

Lizardo: No you wont

Ultra Megahex punches Ren

Lizardo punches Megahex in the eye and disrupts his focus

Ultra Megahex: I have no eyes

Ultra Megahex: I am the Megahex system

Dark Yopo (Fasttrack): Become apart of the Megahex system

Ultra Megahex: or die at our hands

Lizardo: Oh shut up!

Dark Yopo (Fasttrack): (Stabs Megahex)

Ren (Fasttrack) runs over and pounces towards Megahex, landing his arms on him then moving his legs towards the same spot as he quickly changes direction and punches Yopo, knocking them both down.

Lizardo leap soff Megahex

Ultra Megahex is hurt by both Yopo and Ren

Ultra Megahex: NO NO NO

Ultra Megahex: (Megahex explodes and releases all of the planets)

Dark Yopo (Fasttrack): Now I will rule the universe!

Ultra Megahex: (Megahex releases Yopo's goodness)

Dark Yopo (Fasttrack) glows, transforming into Yopo (Fasttrack), posing.

Yopo (Fasttrack): hh?

Yopo (Fasttrack): *huh?

Lizardo: Great

Ultra Megahex glows, transforming into Megahex, posing.

Megahex: No.... IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

Ren (Fasttrack) sees Lizardo saying "Gggrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaattttt"

Lizardo: Atleast something went better

Ren (Fasttrack): You guys sound funny.

Ren (Fasttrack):

Lizardo: no, you sound funny


Ren (Fasttrack): You're the one talking so slow

Ren (Fasttrack): Quiet you!

Ren (Fasttrack): TO...

Lizardo glows, transforming into Diamondhead, posing.

Ren (Fasttrack): He's still offline...

Diamondhead: He is online on TR

The Megahex System arrives

TO System: Sir?

Diamondhead: but TR is half destroyed


Diamondhead: oh

Diamondhead: SHUT UP FOR ONCE

Ren (Fasttrack): We need to take the battle elsewhere.

Ren (Fasttrack): HYPER SPEED!

The Megahex System absorbs the data of Megahex's psychial body

The Megahex System: N O W

The Megahex System: D I E

Diamondhead: Oh No

The Megahex System: H U M A N S

The Megahex System: W E

The Megahex System: A R E

The Megahex System: M E G A H E X

TO System pilots the ship into hyper speed, which sends everyone back. Fasttrack runs fast enough to stay in the air appearing motionless, as everyone else falls back. Reo as DIamondhead gets his back shards stuck in the wall.

The Megahex System blasts the three

Ren (Fasttrack): What was that?

Yopo (Fasttrack): Ren

Ren (Fasttrack): Hah!

Yopo (Fasttrack): Remember when we absorbed him

Ren (Fasttrack): What?

Ren (Fasttrack): Yeah

Yopo (Fasttrack): We need to both use Feedback

Ren (Fasttrack): Hold on though

Yopo (Fasttrack): and absorb the whole system

Diamondhead: How about Three?

Ren (Fasttrack): We need to take him to the desert, we're almost there

Dark Yopo (Fasttrack) glows, transforming into Yopo (Feedback), posing.

Yopo (Feedback): Good

Ren (Fasttrack): TO, open air vault

Ren (Fasttrack): Might wanna become something that can fly

Diamondhead glows, transforming into Jetray, posing.

TO System opens air vault and seals items, as everyone falls out the ship and towards the desert landscape

Jetray flys

Ren (Buzzshock) flys

Ren (Buzzshock): YOPO!!!

Yopo (Feedback): WHAT!

Jetray goes after Yopo

Jetray catches Yopo

Yopo (Feedback): Hold on I'm about to save us!

Yopo (Feedback): DONE!

Yopo (Feedback): (Pulls a flashdrive out of a laptop)

Yopo (Feedback) is flying with Jetray

Yopo (Feedback): Reo, get us close to Megahex

Ren (Buzzshock): ,,,

Ren (Buzzshock): You did that in mid-air

Yopo (Feedback): I'm gonna put a virus in his system

Ren (Buzzshock): Swag overload.

Jetray flys closer to Megahex

Ren (Buzzshock): Let me speed things up!

Yopo (Feedback): (Throws flashdrive into Megahex)

Ren (Buzzshock) flys into the drive

The Megahex System: H A H A H A H A

Ren (Buzzshock) speeds the process up

The Megahex System: D O

The Megahex System: Y O U

The Megahex System: GAHHH


Jetray hears the sound of my omnitrix beeping

The Megahex System is being hacked

Jetray: YOPO!


Yopo (Feedback) glows, transforming into Yopo, posing.

Jetray glows, transforming into Kyre, posing.

Yopo: Out of luck also!

The Megashock Sysyem: He's officialy hacked


The Megashock Sysyem: It's me, guys!

The Megahex System: (Explodes)

The Megashock Sysyem: AAAHHHH!!!!

Yopo: It's over!

Yopo: Oh no Ren!

Kyre: And we are falling TO OUR DEATH!

Yopo: yep

Buzzshock: Ow...

Yopo , Kyre, and Ren all die

Buzzshock: My head hurts!

Buzzshock: Whoa I can fly!

Yopo: the end

Yopo: jk

Yopo: or is it

Yopo: wait


Buzzshock: OOC: xD

Yopo: how can I kid about something what is

Yopo wakes up

Yopo: Huh?

Yopo: (Hits alarm clock)

Yopo: Weird dream....