Neal 12
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 10/08/15
Written by Reo 54
Directed by Reo 54
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Not the Only Hero on the Team
 Is 12 the Right Number? is the 1st Episode of Neal 12.


The Episode starts in the woods. 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl are walking trough.

Boy 1: Man! Why do we have to live so far from school.

Boy 2: Wasn't my fault.

Girl: Cheer up, atleast we can have fun on the way.

Boy 1: Hey, Neal, where's Jerome?

Neal/Boy 2: He had something to do, Football or something..i don't know

Boy 1: Oh.

They come near a lake.

Girl: Well, who's up for a swim.

Neal: Not today, Red. I've got a few things at home i need to do.

Girl/Red: Liam?

Boy 1/Liam: Nah, thanks

Red: Okay, Okay. You guys really like to ruin the fun.

The boys are already walking forward, the Girl catches up.

Red: You guys have to swing atleast.

Neal: How can we not!

Neal grabs a rope that's hanging down from a large tree and jumps off the cliff swinging away to a wooden platform on the tree.

Liam: Here i come!

Liam swings over the same way as Neal and lands right next to Neal. Ariana Grabs the swing and jumps.

Ariana/Red: WOOOO!!

She swings over to the platform and the 3 go down the stairs.

Ariana: I kinda want to do it again.

Neal: tomorrow we can have all the fun we want.

Than a Meteorite strikes down somewhere further in the forest. Being so high up, the kids see it.

Liam: What the hell was that?

Neal: I think it was a metorite.

Ariana: Let's go check it out?

Liam: Are you crazy?

Neal: Come on, Liam!

Liam: Fine!

The three rush down the stairs and start running towards the meteorite. They get to the metorite pretty fast. They stop right on the edge of the crater.

Liam: WOW!

Neal: i think i see something in it

Neal get's down in the crater.

Ariana: Be careful!

Neal looks back at her and smiles. He walks towards the meteorite. he is about to touch the meteorite when something jumps on his hand.

Neal: AHH!!

Liam: What the Hell?

Ariana: Neal!

Neal stops screaming and looks at his hand.

Neal: Is that a watch?

Liam: Get Real! How can a watch jump on your wrist?

Ariana: Alien Watch!

Liam: Yeah Right! That only happens in Video Games and Cartoons.

Neal looks closly at the watch. He sees a faw buttons on the side. He presses them and one of them makes the top come out

Neal: What the?




  • Vilgax's Robots

Alien's UsedEdit