Jetray is the 2nd Episode of Omni-Legends. All Ideas at Jetray (OL)/Ideas


Part 1Edit

The episode begins in some ally way. Chamalien, Fasttrack and Jetray are talking.

Fasttrack: Guys, Year 15 is about to start. Do you guys have a plan for it?

Chamalien & Jetray: No!

Fastrack: Well i do. When we were young, we used to look up to the heroes of the agency, and even tho many of them are dead or in hiding, they are still remembered. I want to be remembered.

Chamalien: Well Heroes always get remembered, But legends never die!

Jetray: True! SO what's your plan.

Fastrack: Let's make a name for ourselves! It doesn't matter how.

Jetray: You want us all to become heroes?

Chamalien: Not everyone can take the path of a hero. The path of a villain is much easier.

Fasttrack: Look. One Year. We each have 1 year to make a name for ourselves and then we have to hold this name for one more and then we disappear!

Jetray: Sounds good.

Chamalien: i'm in. I'll do my best to end up on the good side.

Fasttrack: I'm sure we all will!

Jetray: Well, Happy Year 15!

Fasttrack & Chamalien: Happy Year 15!

Fastrack: May the best alien win!

Chamalien: Better not!

They all laugh as the camera zooms out. The scene cuts to the present. Jetray is flying trough the air. Suddenly he hears thebank alarm going off. He zooms straught to the bank.

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