Kai - The Alien Mage is a series By Reo 54 and the reboot of the original Kai 10


The 15 year old Kai Knight, a student of Magic, finds the Omnitrix, a device that allows him to transform into 10 different Alien spcies. Now, he's faced with task of both worlds. Aliens And Magic, both new to him, and he must over come every obsticle as he is now the bridge between both words.

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  • Kai Knight - The Main Character of the Series. He doesn't always take things seriously. But when he does, he's all in. He wears a Red jacket over a black shirt and Grey Jeans. He has brownish hair.
  • Vicky Jupiter - One of Kai's friends. Also Kai's crush. She has more practice with Magic than Kai, so she helps him. She wears a grey shirt and a jean jacket over that and Black leggings. She also has brown hair.
  • Dan Tyler - Kai's best friend and a plumber. He has traveled the Universe a little bit. He's focused and sometimes doesn't get Kai's Jokes. He has black hair and he wears a dark blue button shirt and sometimes a black jacket over it. He also wears black jeans and black shoes.
  • Alexa Knight - Kai's little sister. She's Quite and kinda fragile, but she can take care of her self. She has not yet started on her Magic training. She has a crush on Dan. She has Blonde hair and wears a light blue dress, with white stripes along the upper part and a white stripe at the bottom.


  1. Ghostfreak
  2. Four Arms
  3. Ripjaws
  4. Astrodactyl
  5. Heatblast
  6. Wildmutt
  7. Grey Matter
  8. Gravattack
  9. Shocksquatch
  10. Echo Echo


  1. Malware - An Evil Alien trying to destroy everything else his creator has created. Including the Omnitrix.
  2. Vilgax - An Alien Warlord trying to take control over the universe.
  3. Khyber - An alien Bounty Hunter sent to kill Dan, but who sent him?
  4. Hex - A powerful wizard, that seeks the Charms of Bazel, which are a gift Vicky reived from her Grandmother.
  5. Charmcaster - Hex's Niece. Daughter of one of the 5 high council members. She seeks to be the best of all and is Vicky's Rival.
  6. Leon Archer - a Dark Wizard in training, one of teh students of The Dark One
  7. The Dark One - A Powerful Dark Wizard. Some think that he's a myth. He was once a member of the council. He was apowerful Man, but he was thrown out of the council and everything was taken from him, because he was accused of using Dark Magic


  • The Original name of the series was Kai 10. it wa slater Rebooted into Kai 10: Rebooted, but than rebooted into Kai 10: Dark Age, but the title was changed to Kai - The Alien Mage