Kai Vs. Ken is the first episode of Avatar Vs. Ben 10


[Ken]: Dad? Mom? Where did you guys go?!

Ken moves past a hallway, and reaches a big hall room. He enters it, and his stone creature Rocky follows him.

[Ken]: What is this place?

Rocky grunts, and Ken inspects the place. A door in the end of the room suddenly blows up. Ken looks up, as Kai bursts in through the door, twisting his staff in his hand. Lefly flies in after Kai. Kai dashes forward, hitting Ken with an air blast, sending him flying into a wall.

[Kai]: Alright, where's Jinora? You'd better talk.

[Ken]: Who's Jinora?

[Kai]: Stop fooling around.

Kai channels an air wave, and Ken vastly slaps down the Omnitrix, turning into Wildvine. Wildvine is hit, and he slams into the wall.

[Kai]: What...? You're a spirit!

[Wildvine]: What are you talking about?! I'm no spirit! I'm the son of the Great Ben 10,000!

[Kai]: Whatever. Just tell me where Jinora is. Or I'll go rough on you.

[Wildvine]: Rough? I'll show you rough!

He puts his hands behind his back and throws a bunch of seeds at Kai. Kai's eyes widen as the seeds explode in the air. Kai thrusts his staff forward, deflecting them with an air blast. Kai dashes towards Wildvine, shooting wind slices. Wildvine is sliced in half. He regenerates, and pulls out his hoverboard. The hoverboard unheaves, and he jumps unto it. He flies up in the air.

[Kai]: Hey, what the-?

Wildvine in the air shoots spikes towards Kai, who deflects them with his glider, and snaps it open. He flies after Wildvine, firing air blasts. Meanwhile, Lefly looks up, sleepily. Rocky walks towards him, and sleeps beside him. Lefly headbutts him, and Rocky grunts, ramming Lefly with his head. Meanwhile, Spitter blasts a spit of goo towards Kai, hitting his glider, and causing him to fall out of the air. Kai lets go his glider, and cushions his fall with airbending. Kai airbends, and dashes off. Spitter transforms into XLR8, and leaps off his hoverboard.

[XLR8]: Hey! Come back here!

XLR8 dashes after him, and Kai summons an air shockwave. XLR8 jumps up, dodging the shockwave and rams Kai with his head. Kai hits XLR8 with an air blast, and knocks him down. Kai blasts a stream of air slices, and XLR8 heftly dodges.

[XLR8]: That all you got?!

[Kai]: I don't have much time for this you know!

XLR8 dashes towards him, and rapidly cycles around him, creating a vortex. Kai grunts, and airbends. He controls the vortex, riding it towards XLR8. He jumps off, and the vortex hits XLR8, sucking him in, and throwing him high up into the air. XLR8 shifts into Buzzshock, raining down electric blasts.

[Kai]: Lightning!

Kai forms a wind dome, reflecting the attacks as he takes into the air, flying with air spouts. Buzzshock shifts into Stinkfly with a flash, and shoots goo balls. Kai is hit, and sent off guard. Kai falls, and cushions his fall with airbending. Stinkfly flies towards him, swinging his tail blade. He strikes towards Kai, and Kai dodges the tail. Kai repeatedly dodges his strikes, and fires an intense wind vortex, hitting Stinkfly and blasting him out of the sky.

[Kai]: Nobody outdoes me!

Stinkfly shifts into Shellhead, who retacts his fins, generating a cyclone wind. Kai snaps his fingers, and fires a wind wave, deadlocking. The two keep firing winds, until Shellhead's eats through, and flies towards Kai. Kai holds his staff vertically, splitting the wind in two.

[Kai]: ...especially not in airbending!

He fires an air blast, knocking Shellhead off balance.

[Shellhead]: I never liked Shellhead anyway...

He shifts into Sandbox, breaking apart and filling the entire room.

[Kai]: You want to play it dirty? Bring it on!

Kai rapidly airbends, forming an air dome around himself. Sandbox thickens his sand, and forms a sand fist, hitting Kai's dome and shattering it. Sandbox surrounds Kai, forming a sand room around Kai. Kai furiously airbends, barely limiting the room's building.

[Kai]: Oh man!

He fires an air blast to no avail. The room tightens, and Kai is almost enveloped by sand. Kai takes a deep breath, and thrusts his palm forward. A sonic wave flies out, hitting and shattering a wall of sand. Kai looks at his hands in shock, and then thrusts his palm again. He fires a new sound blast, destroying a wall of sand. He fires consecutive sound blasts by punching, destroying a big portion of Sandbox. He grins, as Sandbox reverts into Ken.

[Ken]: Who are you?! And what are you?!

[Kai]: I should be the one asking this question! Why did you trap us all in this metal husk?!

[Ken]: Capture you?! You are the ones who took us all into this ship!

[Kai]: What?! You guys did!

[Ken and Kai (unison)]: YOU DID!

The two groan, angrily, and prepare to attack each other. Lefly and Rocky glare at each other, roaring. They prepare to charge at each other.

[Ken]: Round 2!

Ken smacks down the Omnitrix as Kai snaps his staff.

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  • Kai discovers Soundbending.
  • Ken uses Shellhead and Sandbox onscreen.
  • Kai and Ken share many similarities, which indulged the creators to have them fight:
    • They share similar hairstyles.
    • Both had a very basic mastery over their abilities (Kai being in-training and Ken having 10 aliens only)
    • Their names are both tri-digital and start with a "K".
    • Both are part of the second generation in their respective shows.
    • Both are 10-11 years old.