Season 1, Episode 1
Air date June 5, 2018
Written by User: Reo 54
Directed by C. Write Er
Episode Guide
Mask Off
Meet Me is the 1st episode of Double-O-Gen.


The episode begins in a construction site of an unfinished office building. Somewhere on like the 20th floor, a man is standing. He's wearing a blue face mask, blue and black T-Shirt with two 0s on it and black jeans. On the opposite side of him is Trumbipulor, who's rushing at the man. The Man raises his right hand slightly above his head.

Man: I command you to not feel so good.

As he says that he snaps his fingers. Nothing happens. Trumbipulor is getting closer. The man snaps his fingers again and again. He tries with the other hand. Nothing happens. Trumbipulor has now reached him and draws back his fist for a punch.

Man: Oh shit!

Trumbipulor punches the man in the face sending him flying and out of the building. As he falls, he turns his head to the camera.

Man: Hello there! I'm Aiden Genson, but you can call me Gen. Why the mask, you ask? It's to hide my ugly face. What happened to it I hear you say. Oh nothing, it's completely fine aside from the fact that it looks just like the face of the ugly Ben Tennyson. Well almost, mine is a little bit more handsome.

Gen hits the ground, a metal pole puncturing him and sticking through his chest. The end of the pool is covered in blood. Gen looks at his chest.

Gen: Oh that's gonna hurt in the morning.

He then relaxes all muscles and just lies there on the rubble.

End Scene

The scene begins in a studio apartment. The floors are made of wood, light brown. The walls have a brick texture. The apartment is fairly clean. Gen walks in through the old white door. He throws his keys on the kitchen counter and walks over to the sofa. He jumps in the sofa and puts his hands behind his head. He looks straight at the camera

Gen: I know what you're thinking, shouldn't I be dead after something like that? The answer is no. I have a ridiculous healing factor. So don't worry you ass further on in the series if I get punched, shot, stabbed or even blown up.

He takes out his mobile phone from his pocket and starts playing a game on it. After a while, he looks up at the camera.

Gen: Oh this? That's just Candy Crush. Everyone's got something to play on the toilet, am I right? Alright, now where was I

He looks at his phone and swipes a lot.

Gen: Oh yes, Level 369.

After some time he throws his phone down and lies back on the sofa. He then raises his head and looks at the camera.

Gen: Oh, You're still here? I thought I had gotten rid of you. What's that you say? Why Am I a replica of Ben Tennyson? I'll tell you why.

He gets up and walks over to the fridge. He opens the fridge and the doors hide him from view. He pulls out a bottle of chocolate milk and then closes the fridge, looking directly at the camera.

Gen: I have no clue why! 6 months ago I woke up in some laboratory. Got shot, found out I have a healing factor. Looked in a mirror to see how ugly I am. Made this mask and have been making fun of heroes and villains alike since.

He pulls up his mask so that his mouth is free, revealing an unshaved chin. He opens the chocolate milk and takes a large sip. He puts it back down on the kitchen counter next to the keys and pulls his mask down.

Gen: I don't have any memories of my previous life either. For All I know, I might have not even existed. The close I was wearing when escaping had the name Aiden Genson, so I assumed it's my name. 

He walks over to the sofa and turns on the TV. He looks at the camera, which is now behind the sofa.

Gen: By the way, I don't have an Omnitrix like Ben. I have asked Azmuth for one, but he won't give it to me. He says I'm too irresponsible.

He turns back to the TV. There's news airing on it. He turns back to the camera for the second time.

Gen: Technically I'm 6 Months Old, as far as I know, But I have the body of a 21-year-old. That does come with its perks.

End Scene

The scene begins in the Plumber HQ. In some corridor, Gen is up on the ceiling. He's holding a raw fish. The camera turns to his face.

Gen: Okay, So I've got this Fish here. I have no idea what kind of fish this is, I'm not an expert. Let's just say I found it. Now because of how convenient life is, Ben Tennyson should be coming through here any minute now.

Soon enough Ben appears and walks right past Gen. As soon as Ben has passed him, Gen jumps down and takes a stance like a cowboy at the start of a duel. He turns his head to the camera.

Gen: See, I told you that would happen. Maybe I have the ability to see into the future as well?

He then proceeds to jump Ben and smacks him in the face with the fish. Ben is confused as Gen runs past him. Ben looks up to see who the attacker was but gets a fish in the face.

End Scene

In a Dark closet where the only light source is a Flashlight, Gen is sitting. His face is all up in the camera as if he was holding it.

Gen: Welcome to the recording closet or the confession booth. not sure on the name yet. Anyway, that was nothing, I just like slapping him with fish. I suggest you try it. It's very relaxing. However, I think it's time they stop filming my life.  kinda want to take off this mask and drink a beer. So have a great week or who knows how long of a time period until the next episode.

He puts his hand in front of the camera.

Gen: Okay, now where is that sock? Is it under the bed or the sofa?

End Scene