Michael White (also known as Deep-Freeze) is the main character of Deep-Freeze


He's a white male with very short dark brown hair. He has brown eyes. He has a little beard. He appears to be around 30 years old, maybe younger. He wears brown pants, Black boots and a black jacket. Under it, he wears a no sleeve white T-shirt. He often has a hat on.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Normal ModeEdit

His body temperature is around 5 degrees Celsius. he is able to withstand cold weather. he has his share amount of strength. He has fast reflexes

Power ModeEdit

When his powers are active his hands turn blue. His body temperature drops below zero. He is able to spit ice and freeze everything he touches. he can also shoot ice from his hands, but it has proven to be painful. He still has his fats reflexes and agility, his strength is enhanced and he can withstand any degree of cold


Normal ModeEdit

He is weak to heat. Due to his Amnesia, he is struggling a lot. as well as all human weaknesses

Power ModeEdit

There always is a chance that his hart can freeze so he has to be careful when using his powers. using them for too long can be lethal. He is even more vulnerable to heat and fire. He also has the chance to rip the skin off his palms when shooting ice.



  • Episode 1: The Experiment
  • Episode 2: Lost
  • Episode 3: A Friend
  • Episode 4: Infiltration
  • Episode 5: The Truth


  • Unlike other heroes from the New Hero Franchise, he broke out right after the experiment.