It's Been a Long, Dangerous Battle!

Mystery school hasn't been edited by the creators in a long time and is now cancelled untill further notice.

Mystery school is a series by Boost

Mystery school
General Information
Genre Actione/Adventure
Season(s) 3
Original run Unknown Summer 2013 - Unknown
Episodes 15 (one season)

45 (In the series)

Type ben 10, House of Anubis, Wolfblood
Created By Boost
Written By Boost
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Preceded by
Succeeded by
"Mystery School: Next Generation"


A lot of new students come to the school. Thre are some secret rooms in the school and the teachers tell everyone not to go there or they will be in a lot of trouble. Mick and his team go to theese places to uncover the mysterys in them



there are no actual evil villains, bu there are some bad persons, that re agains the kids.


the kids have some powers

  • Mick - Can turn in to a wolf. 
  • Ky - can turn in to monsters
  • Leo - Can controle water
  • Cleo - Unknown
  • Eric - darkness
  • Bryce - Osmosian powers
  • Lego - Cy-X'sFreezepunch's and Rupture's Powers
  • Inter - Celestialsapien powers


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  • It's a combination of Haouse of anubis, Wolfblood and i guess ben 10
  • I had an idea of this series a long time ago, just didn't know where to post it
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