The Neal 12 Franchise is a franchise that takes place in Earth-72. It focuses on a boy named Neal Darkstone as he finds the Omnitrix, a device that allows him to turn into 12 different aliens.



July: Apollo 11 lands on the moon.

November: Alien Technology starts to appear on Earth.


March: A Plumber squad is sent Earth and stay there to deal with all the illegal alien technology.


April: April 17th: Neal's dad, Reed Darkstone is born.


February: John Darkstone, Neal's grandfather retires.


May: May 16th: Neal Darkstone is born


September: September 8th: Jerome Darkstone, Neal's brother, is born


December: December 12th: Reed Darkstone, Neal's Father dies in a car crash



The Events of Neal 12 take place


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The Events of the Unnamed 8th Neal 12 Series takes place


Neal 12Edit

Season 1Edit

Neal receives the Omnitrix and fights his way towards taking down the criminal empire of his city. He finds out it was once run by his father and grandfather

Season 2Edit

Turns out, crimnalTony Riva, the new leader criminal empire was working with an alien nammed Kharos, an alien warlord, and Tony, was his spy on Earth. After finding out Tony has been taken out, Kharos sends bounty hunters after Neal.

Season 3Edit

After being captured by a bounty hunter named Strangle, Neal is brought to Kharos him self. Kharos can not decide either to make Neal his new spy, or kill him. Only when he finds out Neal is a Darkstone, he decides to make Neal his new spy, but as Neal is only 12, he  deciedes to kill him, because a 12year old boy can't do anything usefull. But Neal uses the Omnitrix to escape, and now Kharos wants it, so he himself attempts to hunt Neal down. In the end, Kharos is defeated and Neal returns home.

Neal 12: Alien UniverseEdit


Neal 12: Tournament of HeroesEdit


Neal 12: Solo HeroEdit


Neal 12: Incarcecon BreakEdit

Season 1Edit

Neal, who's been sentenced to 45 earth years in the Incarcecon, has been there for only a year. After a visit from his friend Liam, he finds out that Earth needs him. So, he starts planning an escape. Not much he can do from the inside, but his friedns are helpping him on the outside.

Season 2Edit

Now with a plan in their heads, they just have to realise it, but it wont be that easy, as Neal has some others to take with him. Neal has been in the incarcecon for more than 2 years now but he's ready to break out. Liam becomes a guard to help Neal, but when they meet up during the escape, Liam shoots Neal and everyone else who tries to escape.

Neal 12: The PerplexahedronEdit

Season 1Edit

After the escape, everyone thought Neal was dead, instead he wake up inside the Perplexahedron, which he now must escape. The Perplexahedron is full of death traps and puzzles. While Neal is stuck there, Liam is growing higher and higher into the plumber ranks, while Neal's bother Jerome is going evil. The season ends with Liam chasing down the Hacker aka Jerome and they come face to face.

Season 2Edit

Jerome was heavily injured in the fight against Liam, but is still alive, but he disappears from the plumber hospital. While Liam recives the honor of being a Magister. Meanwhile in the Perplexahedron, Neal has almost made it to the end, only to find out, that an old friend, Deen Nexus, has complited the Perplexahedron together with 6 others. In the end he confronts Deen, only to find out that Deen has the omnitrix. At teh same time, Liam finds out Neal is alive and goes to hunt him down, only to be involved in the fight against Deen. Liam takes out Deen, but gets burned himself

Neal 12: In The AndromedaEdit

Season 1Edit

After having a serious conversation with Neal, Liam leaves the force in order to find the 6 other that escaped the Perplexahedron with Deen. Liam slowly turns to the dark side using the mask on his burned face as a face for his evil.

Meanwhile Neal head to the Andromeda Galaxy. There he meets Kurt Wheeler. With the help of Kurt, Neal joins a criminal organisation that is one of the most imposrtant ones in the galaxy. Together with Kurt, they start rising trough the ranks.

Season 2Edit

After a trade off with a gang from the Milky way Galaxy, that Liam was in, goes south, Kurt and Neal start chasing after the mysterious figure known as Black Pheonix. Soon enough The path takes them to the plumbers. WHile Kurt is arrested, Neal recives an offer to join in return being cleared of all charges.

After joining the plumbers, Neal seeks out Black Pheonix and together iwth the plumbers attempts to take him down, but instead, it turns out to be Liam.

In the End Liam gets arrested, and Neal joins the Plumbers full time.\

Neal 12: RedemptionEdit

Season 1Edit

Neal starts working as a full time plumber.