The Neal Darkstone Franchise is a WATTPAD book franchise.


Main FranchiseEdit

Neal Darkstone: BeginningsEdit

15-year-old Neal Darkstone attempts to uncover the mystery behind his father's death. It takes him to an underground criminal empire. He joins the empire in order to find the person responsible for his father's death.

Neal Darkstone: AlienatedEdit

After finding out the connection his father's organization had with aliens, Neal decided to explore it. Soon enough a space ship crashes in the middle of New York. Neal runs away from home to investigate the spaceship. The investigation lead him toa spaceship in Earth's orbit. Neal must now face the alien threat and negotiate a truce.

Neal Darkstone: AloneEdit

Neal decides to leave his friends behind and moves to a new city. Completely alone, Neal starts digging into the mysteries of the new twon and the new school. Completely ignoring any new friends or messages from his old ones aswell, Neal finds all sorts of stuff that leads him contacting his alien friends.

Neal Darkstone: Prison BreakEdit

After everything he has done in the past year, Neal is arrested for crimes he hadn't comited. With the help of his friends, mostly Liam and his brother, Neal plans to escape the prison.

Neal Darkstone: The CubeEdit

After the unsucsesful prsion break, Neal is rescued by his aliens friends. He wakes up in the The Cube - A cube in space that contains all sorts of puzzles. Neal must overcome these puzzles in order to escape the Cube. During his time in the Cube, Neal finds out that an old enemy of his has escpaed the Cube.

Neal Darkstone: On The RunEdit

After escaping the Cube, Neal goes on a run trough space. Afraid to return to Earth, Neal finds his way to an ihabited planet somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy. Soon after he finds out that he is now wanted trough out the galaxy aswell by a inter-Galactic peace orgaization.

Neal Darkstone: The Black PheonixEdit

Neal found a safe spot in the galaxy, where no one can cathc him or find him. Then, someone attacks him and request him to hunt down the Black Pheonix - a mysterious man, who's managed to nearly start a galaxy-wide war. This lead Neal to Earth. Neal must team up with the IGPO, in order to take down the pheonix, because he can't do it alone.

Neal Darkstone: RedemptionEdit

After taking down Black Pheonix, Neal is invited to join the IGPO. if he joins, his record will be cleared. he decides to join the IGPO and now must go trough training. The book focuses on Neal's Training and his first important missions.

Neal Darkstone: Return to ApocalypseEdit

The story is set even further in the future, taking place during one of the Apocalypse Diaries. Neal is forced to come out of retirament to help the remaining humans of Earth survive in the huge universe they are now exposed to.


Liam Jackson: Lost YearsEdit

A Spin-off book that focuses on Liam Jackson - Neal's Friend from the earlier book aswell as Black Pheonix. The book focuses on Liams life before becoming Black Pheonix.

Liam Jackson: Black PheonixEdit

Following where the 1st book left off, thsi book follows Liam on his path of becoming back Pheonix aswell as his time as him. The book ends with Neal and the IGPO taking him down.

Jerome Darkstone: The Fallen SonEdit

The Story follows Neal's younger brother as he goes rougue after getting in to some family issues. Not exactly following in his brother's footsteps, he becomes a hacker. The boom deals with Jerome's path to becoming this world-known hacker and his issues along the way.

Unnamed Allice Mills StoryEdit


Neal Darkstone: Tournament of HeroesEdit

After making peace with the aliens, an alien who was in a cell right next to him on the ship invite shim to particapate in a Tournament of Heroes. Even tho Neal hasn't got any powers, he decides to join the tournament after some issues with his family.

The alien who invited Neal agrees to prepare him for the tournament, but that isn't enough. Neal must use his agility and some tricks to win.