The New Heroes Franchise is a Franhise consisting of multiple mini-series about new heroes of Earth-72


A secret Organisation, a goverment devision has gotten their hands on alien DNA smaples. They use these samples to make mutants - Enhanced Humans. these Heroes have broken free and want to take this organisation down, but not alone. They must all join forces to take it down

Series in FranchiseEdit


The series follows a man who was experimented by. He has gained the ability of cyrokenises. He also has lost all his memories includng his name.He Manages to escape the lab he was in and sets a mission to take down the organisation that did this to him.

  • Hero: Deep-Freeze
  • Chapters: 0/23
  • Status: In Development


The series follows a young man who has super strenght. He gets noticed so the goverment whats to do some tests to see if it's super strenght or simply trained strenght. When his father tells him fail these tests, he gets angry and goes on a rampage.

  • Hero: Muscle
  • Chapters: 0/23
  • Status: In Development

Blaze & FlameEdit

The Series follows to siblings, twisn in fact. Both are enhanced with the power of Fire. Blaze - The guy who wants to destroy the people who did this to him and doesn't care who else gets hurt. And Flame - Blaze's Loving sister who considers this a gift and wants to stop Blaze from this madness.

  • Hero: Blaze & Flame
  • Episodes: 0/23
  • Status: In Development

Anti-Tech (W.I.P.)Edit

The series follows a man that was brought from the past. he was unfreezed. He comes from the 18th Century. The man tries to accept the new wonders of the world, but soon realises that technology has pisoned this world and wants to get rid of it.

  • Hero: Anti-Tech (W.I.P.)
  • Episodes: Unknwon
  • StatusL In Development

Blade (W.I.P.)Edit

The Series follows a Man/Woman (undecited) that has been trained to fight from birth only with blades, starting from knifes, ending with samurai swords and more. his trained bounty hinter/assasin gets a new mission - Assasinate the leader of an organisation that experimets on people under the goverment's orders

  • Hero: Blade (W.I.P.)
  • Episodes: 5 or 6
  • Status: In Development


The Series follows a hybrid that has the ability to split into particles and back. With this powers he is able to get trough the thinnest passages and even into safes. While breaking into a bank he finds a file about himself. Finding out he's a part of some experiment project he decides to use his powers to get to the bottom of this.

  • Hero: Adam/Particle
  • Episodes: 5-6
  • Status: In Development


the series focuses on a gambler that has the power to duplicate anything. starting with cards and ending with humans. He's been laying low for a while, but the organisation has noticed him and now he must run so that he doesn't end up in the arms of the organisation that created him.

  • Hero: Mirror
  • Episodes: 5-7
  • Status: In development


The series follows a young vampire who has gone a little insane. He goes on a blood thirsty rampage and finds himself on a quest to find out who made him into the monster he is, while also running from hunters. He gives himself the name Draculasince being the only, thus the king of Vampires

  • Hero: Dracula
  • Episodes 4-6
  • Status: In Development


The Series Follows ...

Possibl SerieEdit

Taskforce XEdit

The series follows the Heroes of the New Heroes Franchise as a few of them have been recruited for Taskforce X - a team of people that don't exist. They exitst to do the dirty work. If they don't obbey,they will be eliminated.

  • Heroes: Deep-Freeze, Blaze, Toxin, Anti-Tech, Muscle, 


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