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Dark Essences tells about the world he lives in, how he has trained under the master for years now and today is his graduation day.He then gets out of his room to finally meet with the master. The Master wishes him good luck and dubbs him, Dark Essence. Then Dark Essence receives the Staff of "insert name here". The Master asks what is Dark Essence's goal in life and he responds saying that it's to take down Daemonous and make the lives of people better. He then goes out into the wild.

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Maybe Chapter 18 or 20

The Team is now ready to attack Daemonous. They all gather and are on their way when they meet Shadow Tempus - A time guardian who tells them that this is not the time to attack. That if they attack now, they will damage the timeline or die. Shadow Tempus agrees on helping them whenever the time is right if they agree to step down. He also talks a lot about how time works. The Lords accept Shadow Tempus' terms and decide to wait. 

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After Daemonous' apparent death the lords start thinking of what their next plan is. Dark Essence states that there are still followers of his who will try to salvage what they can of Daemonous' land. Dark Essence says that he will organize a meeting for all the rulers to spilt the land without conflict. Hell Falcon tells that he no longer wants to be a mercenary and wants to stay with the team. Night Demon suggests takin power into their own hands and creating the Kingdom of the Lords. Sinister Scythe approves of it.