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Warning! This page contains spoilers, read it and your Under Arrested!.

Reoverse is a project that has relesed multiple movies


The idea of the name is from its creators Username. Therw were no other versions, this was the one and only.

The Movies are Mostly Lego type, ccause when i was little i played simmilar "games" with Lego. Now i have remember the Ideas and the characters and have started to write the Movies here.

The movie ideas have been inspred from multiple other shows that i watched when i was a kid. Like Falcon Rage in wich the Falcons are inspred from Falconeer, A bakugan from Bakugan Battle Brwlers.


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  • Reo
    • Creator
    • Writer
    • Artist 
    • Evrything else



  • This has been rebooted.
  • The Old version had a movie released - Falcon Rage
    • Even know the reboot is focusing around the same characters, Falcon Rage was removed from Reoverse