The episode starts with Black Arrow running. someone is running after him.. Than he stops. he is in a dead end. the camera concentrateson Black Arrows face.

Follower: I told you, you will be stoped, Black

Black Arrow: I'm not afraid.

He takes out his staff

Black Arrow: Bring it on, i'm ready

The Follower attackes black arrow. he easaly beats him. before leting him fall down he tears off Black Arrows icon. Black Arrow falls down. The follower walsk away. he kinda looks like Btaman.

Follower: Told you, i'll get you.

After some time Black Arrow is found by Robin, Spider-Man, Ninjastrike and Flame Star

Spider-Man: Flame, Light!

Flame lights up his hand.

Robin: Balck?

He turns Black Arrow around and see that his icon is teared out. Black Arrow gets up.

NinjaStrike: Black, your icon? What Happend?

Black Arrow looks down.

Black Arrow: I'm an outcast now. i'm not part od the Justice League or the Avengers

Robin: Who did this?

Black Arrow: i don't realy know. but i saw Batman's Shadow and i heard Fury's voice.

Flame Star:They teamed up?

Spider-Man: We did, why couldn't they?

Robin: Good point.

Black Arrow starts to walk away.

Flame Star: Hey, Where're you going?

Black Arrow: I'm an outcast, i'm no longer a part of the team. 

NinjaStrike: See you someday, i hope.

Black Arrow turns his head a little back and smiles

Black Arrow: Me too!

he walks away in to the dark.