That One Night is the 1st episode of Hybrid


Kane returns from a party and stubles in his father's room where he finds some syringes. Thinking they are his drugs, he injects himself not knowning that those were his father's Alien DNA formulas. In the Morning Kane wakes up not knowning what to do and heads to his friend. There he transforms into a 4 armed creature.


The Episode starts outside a mansion. A Man can we seen staggering towards the door. The scene cuts to inside the house were the same man can be seen opening the doors and walking inside. He's wearing black jeans and a light brown leather jacket. This mans slowly walks towards a big door. he opens it up revealing a big room with a desk in the middle and a bunch of bookselves and cuboards. on the desk is a open briefcase the man walks towards it and notices a bunch of syringes inside. He takes one and smiles. He injects it in his vein as the screen fades black

End Scene

In the same room as before. the same man wakes up now leaning against the desk. He grunts a couple of times and looks around. he notices the 10 empty syringes on the ground. he starts to realise what he has done.

Man: Fuck. Wha the hell did i do last night?

He slowly gets up and sees the empty briefcase.

Man: Oh, shit. Was that...was that my dads? if he finds out, i'm fucked. Who knows what was in those things.

He once again looks at the syringes. he pics them up and puts them in the briefcase. he starts searching for his phone. he sees it on the ground on the other side of the room. He walks over to it and pcisk it up. he selects a number and calls.

Man: Hey, yo, Marcus!

Marcus (Trough phone): Hey, Kane! what's up?

Kane: Can i come over? I think i messed up big time.

Marcus (Trough Phone): Sure, Mate! What happend?

Kane: I'll tell you when i get there.

He hangs up and puts his phone in his pocket. He touches his other pocket for his wallet and makes sure it's there. than he walks out of the room closing the door behind him.

End Scene

At Marcus' place. Marcus let's Kane in to his small flat.

Marcus: Hey! What's going on?

Kane walks inand takes a seat on the sofa.

Kane: Dude, i messed up. I messed up big time.

Marcus: What did you do?

Kane: Last night, when i got homw from the party i was drunk AF. And for some reason i walked into my father's room and i found  some syringes there. I thought they were drugs, so i picked one up and injected myself.

Marcus: When did you leave the party? Cause when i left everyone was already passed out.

Kane: Oh, we were out smoking in the backyard.

Marcus: You were smoking weed without me?

Kane: No, just cigarets. No weed last night. Anyways, this morning i woke up in the same room with 10 empty syringes next to me.

Marcus: Dude....

Kane: I have no idea what was in them.

A man blasts in trough the door and shuts it behind him.

Marcus: Sean?

Sean: Guys, something terrible happend last night

Kane: You too, huh?

Sean: No for real. i think we robbed a store.

End Scene. Comercial Break

Sean: I Think we robbed a store

Kane: Well, that adds to my problems.

Marcus: How did you find that out?

Sean: My father told me, he said they are investigating a robbery where some teens broke into a store in the middle of the night.

Kane: Sounds like us.

Sean: Anyways, what are you doing here?

Kane: Long story. Took the wrong drugs.

Marcus: Kane, Your hand!

Kane's hand is shivering. It's starts to shake more rapidly.

Kane: What?

He looks at his hands and is confused.

Kane: I don't feel a thing.

Then his hand just stops and it starts to grow larger and starts to become red, as the growing effect starts to upwards towards his sholder, Kane starts to feel pain and screams. All his muscles enlarge as he screams and becomes even more red. Two more hands break out from the side of his ribs. his clothes are ripped.

Sean: What the fuck?

Kane stops screaming and loooks at Marcus and Sean. He ripps off the remains of his clothes.

Marcus: WHat the hell just happend?

Kane: I think this is one of those formulas kicking in.

Marcus: We need to get you to your father's Lab.

Kane: My dad's gonna kill me. Well, not kill, kill me, but he'll find a wat to punish me real bad.

Marcus: Atleast they will be able to help you.

Kane: Okay..let's go.

As Kane walks out the doors, he bangs his head against the frame.

Kane: Oh, Fuck!

The 3 walk out of the flat and shut the doors..

End Scene

Later at the lab enterance. Sean and Marcus walk up the the guard.

Guard: ID please

Marcus: we need help.

Guard: Can't help you.

Marcus: You can't, but the people inside can.

Guard: Can't let you in without IDs

Marcus: How about we show you our friend.

Sean: Yo kane!, Come here!.

Kane comes out from behind the corner

The Guard reaches for his gun.

Guard: I'm gonna have to ask you to stand down.

Marcus: He's the son of Doctor Dustin.

The Guard takes his radio.

Guard: Listen up, i have a 2 kids here and a mutant who claims to be Dustin's son. Should i let them in?

(Someone trough the radio): Hold up, We're coming.

Men in uniforms soon rush trough the doors holding their guns and pointing at Kane.

Leader: Shot him!, but don't kill him. we need him alive!

The soldiers aim and shoot at Kane, who manages to block some bullets with his hands and then he knocks down some of the soldiers.

Leader (Into the Radio): Conor, Take him down.

The scene zooms away to a sniper on the roof of the building.

Conor: Copy!

He aims and shoots at Kane. The camera follows the bullet as it flys and hits KAne right in the head knocking him down.

Leader: Okay, men, we need to get him down to level -3.

The Soldiers let go of their guns and walk to Kane, they pick him up and start to carry him, Kane soon starts to shake and shrink, returning back to normal. Marcus and Sean follow the men inside.

End Scene

Kane wakes up on a table. He realises he's strapped to the table. Soon a scientist comes.

Scientist: Hello. My names is Doctor Russel Walton. I'm a coleague of your father. So, Kane, What happend to you?

Kane: I came home from a party last night very drunk. for some reason i went into my father's room. there i saw some syringes. i injected myself thinking thise were my drugs. atleast that's what i remember. I woke up with 10 empty syringes next to me.

Doctor Walton: Do you know what your father was working on?

Kane: Can you please unstrap me.

Doctor Walton: It's just in case you transform again.

Kane: This wont hold me anyways.

Doctor Walton: You father was working with DNA samples and now these DNA samples are in your body, making you a hybrid. i doubt it will kill you, but if you keap on smoking and drinking as well as doing drugs, it will.

Kane: So what am i supposed to do? study?

Doctor Welton: Well, who said we are letting you free. You're staying here, at the lab, untill we fully understand your powers.

Kane: Who knows how long that will take!

Doctor Welton: Yup, and no one even knows you are here.

Kane: My friends, Sean and Marcus know,

Doctor Welton: They're down in prison. i think i'll use them as my next test subjects.

Kane: You son of bitch!

Doctor Welton: say that again, i didn't hear you.

Kane: If you do anything to them...

Doctor Welton: You'll what? you can't do anything while you're strapped to that table.

Doctor Welton walks away and steps into the elevator.

Doctor Welton: Take care!

The elevator doors close as the screen fades black and Kane screams.

End Scene




  • Kane Dustin
  • Marcus Trent
  • Sean Rayes


  • Lab soldiers
    • Guard
    • Leader
    • Conor
  • Doctor Russel Welton


  • a lot of things happend at this party and the efect ot thos eevents will be shown in other episodes.