The Darkest Section of Animation is a British-American-Canadian animated series that airs on Cartoon Network, Nicktoons and The Hub. The series is about twenty-one minutes in length and focuses on several cartoon characters having to work together to defeat a secret enemy.

List of episodesEdit

Title Summary Rating
Thin the Human and Bake the Dog Finn discovers he is anorexic and then Jake becomes a TV star when he bakes the most weirdest pie ever made. TV-PG-V
My Little Buster: Yakko Is Maniacal The My Little Pony gang are spreading their education all over the Animaniacs and Tiny Toons episodes when they get hired for a co-starring role. TV-PG-V
COPses SpongeBob and Timmy Turner investigate a dead body found in Nickelodeon Studios. TV-14-V
Dimensional Seperation The Hub, Cartoon Network and Nicktoons characters are sent to different dimensions (Nicktoons to The Hub, The Hub to Cartoon Network and Cartoon Network to Nicktoons). TV-PG-V
Spreading Characters Like Wildfire More characters are coming in different dimensions. The Disney Animated Canon enters the dimensional plane of chaos. Chaos gets chaos-er. TV-PG-DSLV
Airplanes The dimensional plane gets high steam when angers arise and they get sent to the air of crossworlds. (Ignore the bad pun - crossWORDS and crossWORLDS) TV-PG-LV
The Enemy Arises The enemy sends several other basic enemies to the battleground, where all the characters have to fight the enemies to the death. TV-PG-V
The Airnemy Airises The air is full of chaos when round two of the battleground commences. TV-PG-V
Underwater Sun: Terrible Times When round three commences, the gang are sent to sea, with terrible times to come. TV-PG-V
Bigger Evils

The ultimate enemy is sent to the dimensional plane and revealed to be... Aku. 


Finn the Human - A human boy who goes on adventures with Jake the Dog. In the series, he is revealed to be 23 and is from the show Adventure Time.

Jake the Dog - A smart-witted dog who goes on adventures with Finn the Human. In the series, he is revealed to be 35 and is from AT like Finn.


Other characters announced are Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Aku, Samurai Jack and even more characters.