The Freedom VoiceEdit

In the woods. It's mid day and a chariot is riding trough. Suddenly 3 men jump down from the woods. They are all wearing cloaks. One of them points his sword to the Coachman. The coachman lets go of the lead and rises his hands, stopping the Chariot. The other 2 both head fro the doors from both sides. They open up the door revealing a King and Queen inside.

"KIng Tremus," said one of the 2 men, "We have come to take back what is rightfully ours, that you stole from us."

"We are the Freedom Voice of the poeple of Antaria, and you shall not shut us up!" said the other man.

The third man came to the doors taking of his hood and pointing his sword to the king's neck and said, "For too long you have stole from your own people, now we are taking it into our hands to take it back. You have dishonored what your father stood for, and for that, you must pay."

"Arthur? Wha-" Tremus was saying as all 3 swords struck him.

"Queen Mariot, We hope you fix your husbands wrongs, or we fear the same faith might meet ou too," said Arthur as putting his sword down and closing the door.

The Chariot rode away as the 3 men disappeared in to the woods

At the Castle, The chariot arrived, servents rushed to it, The Queen ran out crying followed by some maids and servents. 2 Royal Knights wnet to the chariot to escort King Tremus and found his dead body lying in blood. The 2 knighst in shock turned around and followed to where the Queen had ran.

In the Queens Room, multiple dames were around her holding her hands wiping her tears away.

"My Queen, How did this happen?" Ask one of the knights

The queen answered in a termbling voice, "It was Arthur and...and 2 others. One of them could have been Lief"

The other knight, named Raynard, asked, "Why wopuld Sir Arthur and Sir Lief do something like that?"

"They said something about taking back something that is rightfully theirs, and that Tremus had stole something from the people. They said i should fix what he did wrong" replied the queen still in a trembling voice

"Come!" said Ernest, the other knight, "The Queen needs some rest and some peace and Quite "

Both knights left and closed the door on the crying queen.

The two were talking while walking down the hallway. Raynard asked, "Why would Arthur and Lief do that?"

"I could understand Lief, But Sir Arthur" answered Ernest, Maybe they were under some kind of spell, so that fera would inhabit everyone here, so popel would think that here are traitors among us, Among us Knights."

"But who would do that?" said Raynard.

"That is a question i don't have an answer for," replied Ernest