The Food is served is the 1st episode of Total Drama Food Fight

Total Drama Food Fight
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date none
Written by User: Reo 54
Directed by Reoverse
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Eat while you can


Chris is at the docks.

Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Food Fight! So the competators are here!

A boat arrvives. Jack, Mike and Brandon get out.

Chris: Brandon, Mike, and Jack! Welcome!

Mike: Hey!

Jack: Hey, Bacon!

Chris: :|

Brandon: Yo!

The Cherrys get out

Chris: Chet and Chit, welcome!

Teo and Otto get out

Teo: Realy? Okay

Otto: Yeah, so we're good?

Teo: Totaly, partner!

Chris: what?

Eric gets out. he walks by Chris

Chris: Hello?

Eric: Oh, hey!

Katty and Angela walk ouT of the boat. they talk and don't hear Chris

Chris: Hello?

Lighting walks out.

Chris: Welcome, Lighting!

He pushes chris a side

Lighting: Out of my way!

Lerry gets out dancing with a radio in his hands.

Chris: Amm.. Lerry?

Larry: What's shaking, Bacon?

Chris: Lerry!

Lerry walks away. He stands right next to Lighting and ceaps dancing

Lighting: I hate that song!

he takes Lerry's radio and trows it in the water.

Lighting: There!

Ulti, Toon and Pickles walk out!

Ulti, Toon and Pickles: Wassup!

Chris: Okay! Welcome!

Peat walks out

Chris: Hey there, Peat!

Peat: Don't talk to me!

Chris: Okay, now when you all are here

Shows all the contestans standing.

Chris: We can begin! First off. We need to split you in to teams.Team 1 - Goodies!

Lerry and Toon: Oh yeah!

Chris: here is team 1.Eric, Jack, Mike, Chet and Chit, Brandon

Brandon: Ooooooo!

Chris: Otto and Teo

Lerry: What? Why aren't i on team goodies? Everyone loves me! I'm Cola

Lighting: I don't love you!

Lerry: Well i mean like me.

Lighting: I don't like you.

Lerry: Do you have to be so negative?

Lighting: Yes!

Chris: And the other team is Badies.

Pickles: Why am i here?

Chris: Cuz i wanted. We should start the first chalange. Move it people!

End Scean

They are on a Clif

Chris: Okay. Fisrt Chalange. You have to dive, then grab a piece of a map

Otto: Wont they be wet and even spliten in to  small pieces?

Chris: That's the point!

Lerry: Dive? I'm not allowed to dive!

Chris: Well then you shouldn't have signed up for the show. Okay fisrt up Team Goodies!

Lerry:why do they get to go first?

Chris: Okay, Lerry, You go first!

Lerry: Nono!

Chris: Jump!

Lighting: This is too easy!

He walks behind lerry and pushes him off the clif

Lerry: Ahhhh! You will pay!

He crashes in to the water. he floats back to the top and floats to teh beach

Chris: Auch! So who's next?

Jack: I am!

He gets ready to dive. Then Toon trips and pushes him off.

Jack: Who ever that's was, he's gonna pay!

Toon: Sorry, Man!

Toon in the confession box
Toon: That was so easy!
He cracks his hands
Toon: They all will fall, one by one!
He laughs evily

Jack falls in the water. underwater he grabs a piece of paper and swims back up.

Jack: I have one!

He swims to the beach and runs up the hill.

Chris: Good job, so it's zero against one, who will get the next piece

End Scean

They are back at the clif. Katty is about to jump. Toon puts his leag in front of her. when she jumps she trips and falls down.

Mike in the confession box
Mike: Did you see that? I don't think Toon is up to good. Maybe it was
just a mistake?

Katty falls in the water and grabs a little piece

Chris: And she has a piece!

Katty runs up the hill and Teo jumps

Teo: One piece, i'll get 2!

He dives and sees the pieces he sees 7 on one and 7 on the other side. he takes 2 from one side and swims up.

Teo: I got 2!

Jack: then get up here!

Teo: Shut up, you yellow...

Chris: Stop it, guys! Peat, your turn!

Peat dives and doesn't get any pieces. he runs up the hill. Brandon is ready. he jumps.

Brandon: Ooooooooo!

he falls in the water. he takes a little piece. he gets out and goe sto the top

Chris: Badies, your turn, good luck!

Toon dives and gets a piece but it shatters before he gets to the top of the hill

Chris: Maybe i should have said Bad luck!

Toon in the confession box
Toon: Perfect! Now we will lose, ans someone will fall!

Lighting: Great job, Noob

Toon: My name is Toon and i'm sorry, i didn't want that to happen

Lighting: Still, Noob!

Pickles: Lighting, stop it, that's what happends when teh pieces are in water for too long.

Lighting:then i'll go and get them so thay aren't there!

Toon in the confession box
Toon: Did you see that? Nobody suspects me! And Lighting? He's going off,
to night!
He laughs a bit eavily

Lighting dives. he sees the 6 pieces on one side and 4 pieces on the other. he takes 2 and gets out.

Lighting: i got 2!

He runs up the hill and puts them in the frame.

Pickles: that's 3, they have 4

Lighting: well we would have too, if it wouldn't be for Toon!

Chris: Otto and Pickles

Mike: Wait, two?

Chris: I don't have all day, you know!

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