The Traveler
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date TBA
Written by User: Reo 54
Directed by User: Reo 54
Episode Guide
The Lords of Earth-666

The Journey Begins is the 1st episode of The Traveler.


The traveler explains who he is and the powers he posseses and begins his adventure by going to his biggest creation - Earth-666.


"My name is Kevin Parker. I was given a gift. Well, everyone was, i was one of those who used it. I created worlds, Characters, Adventures and everything else inside just from small ideas. My worlds grew and grew untill i decided to actually share them. Many worlds had already died, hundreds of worlds had died before that. I shared my ideas, not all, but many and now I realised that I can't coplete my stories. They've been completed multiple times in my head, but i just can't get them out to you. I've deided. One last journey. Trough out all my worlds that i can remember. They will know me as the Traveler. Why such a name? Well, if i'm going to be going into my own creations, my worlds, i can't give my alternete versions hear a possibly familliar name. It will be interesting, i can tell you that. "

I put on my coat and my hat. Opened a portal and stepped in. i came out somewhere in space.

"Earth-666, i presume. The home of the Powerful Lords. I wonder what year it is?"

I Took out my pocketwatch and looked at the time.

"August 22, 2008, Dimension 51. The day when it all changed. Time to go to Earth!"

I teleported to Earth, Somewhere in the country side of England. I appeared somewhere in the woods. I walked towards the edge of the forest and saw a something that resambled a backyard playground. Two Men were working around the grill. A few more adults were in a corner by the tables talking. And 7 kids were just running around playing some game.