The Active Series ArcEdit

  1. The Journey Begins (The Traveler)
  2. The Lords of Earth-666
  3. The Empires of Earth-667
  4. They Were Legends (Omni-Legends)
  5. A Hero's Journey (Ben 10: Hero's Journey)

The LexTennyson ArcEdit

  1. An Angel in the Form of a Mutant (Angelex)
  2. Forever and Always (Forever Knights: Generations)

The SyncMaster ArcEdit

  1. Worlds of Freaks and Mutants (Ethan 15)
  2. A Rift Between Dimensions (Ben 10: Dimension Rift)
  3. Just as Lonely (17: the Series)
  4. I Like Killing Off Characters, So I Made a Movie For That (Murderer)

The Reo 54 Series ArcEdit

  1. Twice as Less Me (Reo 19 ???)
  2. Just a Tale (The Galactic Tales)
  3. Road to Ultimate (Ultimate)
  4. A Villain Turned Hero (Albedo 10: Negaverse)
  5. Adopted World (Ormerowon Virus)
  6. Back Here Again (UPOTU)
  7. Not Just a Transformation (Transformation)
  8. The Battle Arena (Reo's Alien Arena)
  9. That Name Again: Part 1 (Reo 54/ Ahmad 20)
  10. That Name Again: Part 2 (???)
  11. The Stars (Astral)
  12. The Unoriginal World (Ben 23: Heroverse)
  13. Meapless in Whichever Earth This Is (Meap Wars)
  14. Beapless in The Same World (Meap Wars)
  15. A Different Origin to the Same Story (Omnitrix Origin)
  16. Is It Really War (War)
  17. A Time Rift (Ben 10: Time Rift)
  18. Traveler To The Ten (Ben to the Ten)
  19. I Survived The Predator Games (The Diary 1)

The Other Ideas Of Reo 54 ArcEdit

  1. Power Beasts
  2. Colorblind (The Colortrix Series (The Names) ???)
  3. A Pack of Dimension Jumpers (Dimension Jumpers)
  4. My Friends and I Inside a Digital World (BTFF 10/Chaturn: Under Attack)
  5. Vampires of Some City (Vampires of EnEiEs City)
  6. Not Your Typical Heroes: Part 1 (New Hero Franchise)
  7. Not Your Typical Heroes: Part 2
  8. Chronicles of The Six (Chronicles of the Five)
  9. Doctor Who With The What Now? (Doctor What)
  10. Twins, Twins and Me (Twinsanity)
  11. The Dark Stone: Part 1 (Neal Darkstone)
  12. The Dark Stone: Part 2 (Neal Darkstone)
  13. Not Your Average Hybrid (Hybrid aka Kane Dustin)
  14. Dimensions Upon Dimensions (Dimensional)
  15. Lantern of Hope (The Lanterns)
  16. Brother Trough Dimensions (Neo & Teo)
  17. Mystery in a School, Who's Great Idea Was That? (Mystery School)
  18. I'm A Girl? (???)
  19. Ninjas, Knights & Ancient Times: Part 1 (Reoverse)
  20. Ninjas, Knights & Ancient Times: Part 2 (Reoverse)
  21. A Power Source Called Kizu (Power of Kizu)
  22. The Enhanced World of What Now? (The Enhanced world of Terracea)
  23. When The Heck Did This Seem Like A Good Idea? (Bob 10: Pony Force)
  24. What Kind of a Name is Kyre? (Kyre 14: Dimensions)
  25. I Do Actually Feel Like A Girl Sometimes (???)
  26. Humanoid Falcons (Falcon Rage)
  27. A Couple of More Marvel & DC Heroes ("SuperTown")

The FlameStrike ArcEdit

  1. That Weekly Series I Never Wrote (Alien of the Week)
  2. The Ben Who is Dumber Than Ben 23 (BenAlien 10)
  3. A New Series Where Shadows Emerge (Ben 10: Shadows Emerge)
  4. A Place Called Planet X (Planet X Alert)
  5. I Thought I Already Met You (???) 
  6. It Was Just a Simulation (Deo 12)
  7. A Few Years Ago This Was Probably Me (David 13)

The Zane ArcEdit

  1. I Really Liked The Name Zane (Zane Miller 10)
  2. The Alien Mage (Kai - The Alien Mage)
  3. Still A Magician 10 (Kai 10)
  4. I Stole a Character and Gave Him An Interesting Story (Shun 10)
  5. I Never Told That Story From Beginning Till The End (??? Shun 10)
  6. A Racer That I Turned Into a Hero (Zack 17)
  7. One More Story About Me (Keith 10)
  8. This Seemed Cool At That Moment (??? OL?)
  9. The Fisrt Idea I Ever Shared (???) (Dunamis 11 or Shun 10 )
  10. The End.