Total Drama Hunger Games is a series by Reo 54.


24 random tributes from the Total Drama series enter the Hunger Games. They must survive the longest and kill off the others for only one can remain.


District 1Edit

  • Max
  • Anne Maria

District 2Edit

  • Brick
  • Jo

District 3Edit

  • Noah
  • Zoey

District 4Edit

  • Sam
  • Izzy

District 5Edit

  • Tyler
  • Sierra

District 6Edit

  • Geoff
  • Sugar

District 7Edit

  • Trent
  • Dawn

District 8Edit

  • Dave
  • Beth

District 9Edit

  • Justin
  • Jasmine

District 10Edit

  • Lighting
  • Amy

District 11Edit

  • Cameron
  • Staci

District 12Edit

  • Harold
  • Bridgette


Note: The number of episodes is currently unknow

Fan ListEdit

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  • This series has been on the edge of being created multiple times, but has always been stopped because of the creator dounting himself, because he doesn't want to fail this like his other series.