Total Drama Food Fight is a series created by Mal 54. The series was inspired from Rex's series Food Fight.


16 different foods are called to an island by Chris the Bacon. theese 16 foods have to compite to survive and win 1,000,000 dolars. The Players are split in to teams the Goodies and the Badies. After every chalange the losing team has to vote one player off and send him to the Mouth Cave

The GoodiesEdit


Eric the Apple

Eric is an avrage kid. He joined the game so he could help his grandfather


Jack the Banana

Jack is a joker. H elikes to joke a lot. he entered the contest for fun.


Mike the Carrot

Mike cares for a lot of things, but mostly his siter. His sister is sick and he entered the game to heal her.


Chet The Cherry (on the Right) and Chit the Cherry (On the Left)

The Cherry twins. Chet is here for the money and to humiliate his sister

Chit is here to help people. She entered the contest to stop her brother.


Brandon the Orange

Brandon, is a optimist.He is here just fior the fun of life.


Otto the Potato

Otto is serious. He needs the money to help his father start a enterprise, that he will take over.


Teo the Pineapple

Teo is evil in a way. he makes evil jokes but is still good. He neds the money tosurvive after school.

The BadiesEdit


Katty the Candy

Katty. A polite girl. She wants the money to buy a new car.


Lighting the Chilli

Lighting. A Bad boy. He wants the money so he could get out fof prison when needed


Lerry the Cola

an other Optimist. he likes to talk a lot. He needs the mpney to better appearance


Pickles the Pickle

Picles is Polite. He isn't popular. he is here to become popular.


Peat the Pizza

Peat is an eater. He is serious, but still an eater. Peat needs the money for his brother.


Angela the Cookie

Angela is a reject. Shel lives her life and a lot of people don't even see her. Shee wants the money to be popular.


Ulti The Ice Cream

Ulti is a dreamer. he has a big fantasion. He acts as a Kid. He etered this contest, cuz he has seen simmilar cartoons on TV and they are fun.l


Toon the French Frie

Toon. The Villain of TDFF. No one expects him, but those who do get eliminated before they can tell the others.

The HostEdit


Chris The Bacon

The Ecil Host of the Show. He created this show for people to watch others geting humiliated and hurt.


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Elimination Table:Edit

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Katty the Candy Won
Lighting the Chilli Won
Eric the Apple In
Jack the Banana In
Lerry the Cola Won
Pickles the Pickle Won
Mike the Carrot In
Chet the Cherry In
Peat the Pizza Won
Angela the Cookie Won
Chit The Cherry Low
Brandon the Orange In
Ulti the Ice Cream Won
Toon the French Frie Won
Otto the Potato Low
Teo the Pineapple In

Colour codeEdit

  Out  - The Player was eliminated

  Won  - The Player was on the winning team

  Won  - The player Won the Challenge

  In  -  The player was on the losing team but didn't have a lot of /Had no Votes

  Low  - The player got a lot of Votes

  Out  - the player was eliminated on previous Episodes

This Series has won a Frozen Award for The Best Series and The Longest Series. Congrats!