Unalaq Vs. Aggregor is a special episode of Avatar Vs. Ben 10


Dark Avatar Unalaq delivers a water whip to Raava, and Avatar Korra groans in pain. Avatar Wan's spirit is destroyed. Avatar Korra passes out. Dark Avatar Unalaq's body darkens, as Vaatu's patterns appear. He grows in size.

[Dark Avatar Unalaq]: Now begins ten thousand years of darkness!

He does an evil laugh as Mako and Bolin look in shock. Dark Avatar Unalaq raises his arms, and the Spirit Portals, creating a dark spirit storm.

[Dark Avatar Unalaq]: This world has fallen to the power of the Darkness, and I will move on to new worlds to conquer, in the name of Vaatu!

Dark Avatar Unalaq phases into the spirit portals. Meanwhile in the Forge of Creation, Aggregor delivers a laser beam, knocking Stinkfly out of the sky. Ultimate Swampfire throws fire bombs towards him. Ultimate Aggregor punches each of the fire bombs, destroying them.

[Ultimate Aggregor]: Your efforts are in vain, and now I will unlock Ultimate Power.

He walks towards the Baby Celestialsapien slowly. He reaches for the orb and begins absorbing it. He laughs evilly as an energy rift occurs, sending him flying back. Dark Avatar Unalaq flies out, delivering a punch to him and lands on the ground.

[Ultimate Aggregor]: Who are you?!

[Dark Avatar Unalaq]: We are Dark Avatar Unalaq, Agent of Darkness! And you, are to be eliminated!

He shoots a dark energy blast at Ultimate Aggregor. Ultimate Aggregor fires an energy beam, and the two deadlock. The energies fade, as Ultimate Aggregor fires a water pump, as Dark Avatar Unalaq pulls out water from the air. The two water waves deadlock, and fall to the ground. Dark Avatar Unalaq enters the Dark Avatar State, and summons a whole body of water to fall over Ultimate Aggregor. Ultimate Aggregor winies as he swims out from the body of water. He blasts an electric blast through the water. Dark Avatar Unalaq waterbends the electrocuted water and brings it back to Ultimate Aggregor, electrocuting him. He screams in pain.

[Ultimate Aggregor]: Fool! You are nothing compared to my power! I will destroy you!

He flies up, and Dark Avatar Unalaq rises on a water spout. They charge at each other, Ultimate Aggregor charging a sonic punch. Dark Avatar Unalaq raises his arm, and a water blast envelopes Ultimate Aggregor, freezing him. Ultimate Aggregor falls down, sinking into the water. Dark Avatar Unalaq smirks, as Ultimate Aggregor vibrates through the ice, tearing through the ice block. He flies out, blasting fire at Dark Avatar Unalaq. Dark Avatar Unalaq blocks them with water waves then sprouts out enormous vines.

[Ultimate Aggregor]: Vines are nothing in light of my power!

He shoots laser beams, destroying the vines. He is hit by a dark energy blast, and he is caught of guard, knocked out of the sky. He then stops midair, and then blasts a powerful air blast towards Dark Avatar Unalaq, and then another laser blast, and a water pump. Dark Avatar Unalaq is hit, and falls out of the sky, and sinks down deep into the water.

[Ultimate Aggregor]: We reign supreme!

A sudden wave of vines rises out and grips Ultimate Aggregor, ensnaring him. He superheats his body, and tears through, as Dark Avatar Unalaq flies out of the water, hitting him with a water blast. Ultimate Aggregor's body heat vaporizes the water. He flies over and delivers a sonic punch to Dark Avatar Unalaq, who vibrates, and then pulls out a huge ice hand, that grabs Ultimate Aggregor and begins to crush him. Ultimate Aggregor vibrates, and turns intangible. He phases out of his grip.

[Dark Avatar Unalaq]: A spirit!

He waterbends, surrounding Ultimate Aggregor with water, and begins corrupting his spirit. Ultimate Aggregor screams, and releases a powerful heatwave, powered with lightning. More of the water evaporates as the two charge at each other again. An explosion occurs, and Ultimate Kevin rises out of the water, and delivers a punch to Ultimate Aggregor.

[Ultimate Kevin]: I will not allow you to absorb that baby!

Dark Avatar Unalaq grins, as a sudden wave of light erupt, and Astral Korra appears.

[Astral Korra]: Unalaq, your quest to chaos ends here, now!

She fires a light blast, and Dark Avatar Unalaq blasts his own dark energy, the two meet, and an explosion occurs.

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  • This is a special episode.
  • Unalaq and Aggregor share many similarities, which indulged the creator to have them fight:
    • They are both older than the main character.
    • Both were pursuing an object at a specific time, and had to use it to become their respective titles; Dark Avatar Unalaq and Ultimate Aggregor.
    • Both were capable of doing strong damage to the main character.
    • Both have an army of infantry, Aggregor's bots and Unalaq's Dark spirits.
    • Both have ended at least five entities, and have absorbed at least one entity from the main character.
    • Both have gained a mixed voice after their subsequent transformations.