War of the Lanterns
General Information
Genre Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi
Season(s) 2 (Confirmed)
Original run The Lantern Wars Begin - TBA
Episodes TBA
Type Green Lnatern: The Animated Series
Created By User: Reo 54
Written By User: Reo 54
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War of the Lanterns is a new series by User: Reo 54.


It's been years after the pece threaty was signed and all the lanters have been living in peace. There are some villains, but they all end up in cells soon enough. Theres finaly peace in the universe, but someone has set a plan in motion to end this peace and pull the universe in to chaos. This plan turns every lanetrn crop against each other. Nonone is safe anymore.


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  • This series introduces the new Grey Lantern Corps and the Grey Power Ring, aswell as the Brown Power Ring.